This One Made Me Laugh

Some stories you just can’t make up.



I talk about the importance of loving one’s family, but also know not everyone is having success in that department.

This news article made me laugh out loud in both the silliness of it, as well as feeling sad at the same time for this guy.

Comedy is Tragedy, and this is a bit of both.

Hope you’ll Promise to love your Family.

Thanks to FOX13 in Utah for this story.


~ jason hewlett

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6 thoughts on “This One Made Me Laugh”

  1. Loved you at our Scentsy Family Reunion. KC 17.
    I was having a bad night and you made me laugh.
    Thank you

  2. I was also at the Scentsy Family Reunion. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. You made my evening so enjoyable. That you for making it a memorable evening.

  3. Oh! The authorities gave him home confinement cause he couldn’t stand to be home with his wife! What about that poor woman. It was punishment for her too! Many years ago, my hubby told our disobedient 5 year old that he grounded for a week! WHAT? Who was going to have to live with that sentence for a whole week? ME? Stuck in the house! I knew Dad couldn’t cause he had to go to work all week, study for his Master’s at night, and spend Saturday and Sunday at church meetings. They should have put that guy in jail so he would appreciate his wife and whatever she fixed for his meals! LOL Thanks for a great show last Saturday in St George. I loved it. I came onto your website to get a Monday morning boost. I’m on task to finish writing histories: Mine, my late hubby’s, his parents, my parents and a few ancestors who have never had their stories told. (I’m 80) Hope to get them finished in a few years. You got me going this week! <3

    1. June, you have a great sense of humor. Thank you for the laughs you gave me. I’m sorry to hear fo the passing of so many, but obviously you are carrying on an important work, for which I salute you. FamilyRoots was very fun, glad to provide some laughs, have a most wonderful time doing your important work.

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