New Year Ahead – Thank You 2023

Decided to scare my kids with a clean shave on Christmas morning. Don’t you worry, the beard is nearly back by New Year’s Eve.


Here are some of the many goals I failed to accomplish in 2023 –

  • Lose 30 lbs and 5% fat
  • Read the scriptures every day
  • Take a cold shower every morning
  • Rewrite and rename “The Promise To The One” so it is a more corporate friendly book for better sales
  • Book 10% more gigs and make 25% more than last year
  • Go on a one-on-one trip with each child

For some of the above I was able to come close – 

  • Lost 22 lbs and 3.5% fat
  • Had multiple 100+ day streaks of reading scriptures
  • Bought a cold plunge, replacing the cold showers

Some of the goals were redirected – 

  • The Book: We hired a coach to talk through the crisis I was having about my book sales in the corporate market. As it was #1 on Amazon in Self-Help>Spiritual category our sales have slumped at my business events. It was determined I should leave the book as is for the audience that has enjoyed, devoured, and live by it’s teachings, and instead write a different book in 2024, and self-publish.
  • The Bookings: Instead of booking 10% more and making 25% more, we found that I am becoming extremely valuable in the coaching, mentoring, and consulting market, one-on-one and with entire companies. I will be accepting fewer and fewer events, while raising my in-person appearance fee, due to how well the consulting is going.

It is interesting the spin life gives us. 

When we look into the coming year, we believe it is linear, and that’s usually how goals are set, whereas we have to consider that once in a while a good goal ought to be replaced by a powerhouse promise. 

The Promise in my life is to introduce opportunities to fail – considered self-inflicted challenges – that I may very well not succeed at, and progressively get closer to accomplishing something of merit I wouldn’t have otherwise, such as:

  • Cold plunge 3+ min/ 3-4 times per week, equaling 11 minutes per week, as scientific data supports
  • Starting a YouTube channel, paying big bucks monthly to record ample and difficult content, despite my continued struggles delivering content on camera without teleprompter
  • Stepping in to serve as president of our extended family corporation in midst of misunderstandings and relational challenges
  • Accepting a Church calling with no guaranteed audience in a time slot (7:30 AM Sundays) that is unreasonable for youth and for someone with insomnia like me
  • Consulting businesses that are having great success with communication and accountability challenges
  • Began an alumni Podcast for my high school

Big changes, life-altering shifts, happened in my world in 2023.

Essentially, all of them came as a result of what I have always taught is the key to creating more opportunities for yourself: SERVE FIRST.

The news of what my life and business shifts are will be manifest in coming months, and I appreciate you coming along this exciting ride with me.

I have also accepted opportunities I had never thought would be, such as:

  • My Show: 10-day residency at the finest family theatre in the world, Hale Centre Theatre, where I will perform with a full band, and tickets were nearly sold out a year in a advance. There are still some left if you’d like to join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity in July & August 2024.
  • Coaching with a Partner: the incredible and fabulous Cheryl Knowlton and I did multiple webinars, trainings, and even a 3-day retreat in 2023, starting a mastermind that is amazing, and something every speaker needs, with events happening throughout 2024 if you want to learn more message me.
  • Consulting: one of the fastest growing, most successful products in the health industry – more info to come – it will change your life when you learn about this health-transforming spark of life, based on the science of Nobel Prize winning discoveries.

I can’t wait for 2024.

2023 was quite the laboratory and experiment for my life, and I love that about it. It will be the year I’ll look back and see where everything changed for the best.

When you look at your Promises and Goals for 2024, ask yourself this:

  • What are my Values that rise to the top as my daily rituals? 
  • What are my Foundational Beliefs that will dictate this coming year? 
  • If I knew the expiration date of my life, and 2024 is the final one, what will I do urgently, and strategically, with joy in my heart, as time runs out? 

Let’s close with this –

You may have noticed I failed to do a one-on-one trip with each child in 2023.

After sitting down with them I found only one child wanted a special trip, so we went on a few, as my youngest was excited for that.

The older three prefer to travel together, and as a whole family, so we did that, instead.

It came down to one simple thing: Open Communication. 

In 2024 I PROMISE to improve my communication, as I have found that all promises, expectations, and accountability are possible where communication is ample between parties, and within our own truth spoken to ourselves.

Happy New Year, my friend.


Romney, Redford, Tami & Jason, Royal, Ella Hewlett


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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”

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10 thoughts on “New Year Ahead – Thank You 2023”

  1. Thank you for your transparency and vulnerability—always— Jason! Another great post. I love reading your weekly posts. Keep ’em coming in 2024. Just bought a cold plunge btw, because of this post 🙂 I will let you know how I like it!!

    1. I appreciate you my friend, and thrilled to know you are going for the cold plunge life. Oh man, it’s so crazy hard in the winter, when I’m already cold, but wow it’s beneficial. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you Phil. 2023 certainly threw me for a few loops! And yes, felt like a great year. My best to you in 2024.

    1. Thank you my friend. It’s really been great to watch all you’ve accomplished and I’m happy for your success.

  2. I really liked that you shared your goals in this way, showing that you changed or even improved upon them due them maybe not being the best goals for the reality you received at the start of the year. As for those you just didn’t reach like weight loss it looks like you still worked hard and improved and made progress, so way to go!

    1. Great thoughts, Melinda. It’s been a wonderful thing to learn about how to see that some goals not quite hit are still accomplished as progression. Thanks for your words!

  3. I love absolutely positively everything about this. We have shared with each other that I made my list of 23. Amazing things that happened personally. 23 amazing things that happen professionally – many of which include you. And 23 things that didn’t go the way I wanted them to go. That were losses or disappointments in someway. Thanks to you, my fabulous friend, I’m now see all of it through new eyes. The promise to fail is the promise to grow.

    My word for 2024 is SOAR. And we can’t truly fly without falling. Thank you for gifting me the promise to fail!

    1. I love that. Cheryl, you have helped me so much and made such a difference in my life. Thank you for your help, you are amazing. SOAR will be a perfect word for you!

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