My Yoda, My Mentor: Chris Poulos 1931-2021

Chris Poulos and I, The Mentor & The Student


Tuesday was busy.  Life and Christmas errands got in the way, and suddenly the week was filling up with last minute needs, but I went anyway.

A 45-minute drive to my old mentor’s home, Chris Poulos, whom I hadn’t seen in months due to my travels, kids being sick, and his frail state of health over the past year.

But this was Christmas week and there was one person I absolutely had to see, since I had promised him I would come to give him a hug.

I’ve never been more grateful that I kept The Promise to make a trip to Provo.

I didn’t think that would be our final goodbye on “this side of the veil” as he called it.

Christmas morning, my Yoda, my Mentor, my Best Friend, passed away at 90 years old…he didn’t even warn me he was headed out…I bet he knew.

The following is what I posted on social media, as well as an article and video I wrote a few years back honoring him.  I’m too overwhelmed to write much more at the moment, but hope you can feel of my gratitude for having known this legendary man.




From my old Blog

Who is your Mentor?  

In the year 2000 I was introduced to the man that would forever change my life.

He was old, had silver hair, told corny vaudevillian jokes, was retired from BYU, had decades of experience in showbiz, and spent hours on end helping me, a wannabe performer, understand how to navigate the waters of a career that would eventually come to be.

He knew I could do this business before anyone else, and he knew how to get me started.

He is as important as anyone in my entire life.

The more we met the more I realized he was my Yoda.

Today at 87, D. Chris Poulos is still my dear friend, we keep in close and constant contact, and his home is a sacred space in my life.  

My first shows, firesides, speeches, and many introductions to now lifelong friends, entertainers and speakers, facilitated by Chris, happened in his living room and for his family.

Every time we talk, which is still nearly on a weekly basis, he reminds me what my mission is as a messenger before anything else.

Gratitude doesn’t suffice.

He never charged me a penny for his time, and he has given me, over 2 decades, more coaching, mentoring, and time spent than anyone in the world.

When I’ve asked how I can repay him for his time and help he simply says, “Just go forth and teach others what I’ve taught you, pay it forward, that’s payment enough!”

He is camera shy, as always the great promoter behind the scenes, but agreed to film this quick little video with me as a help to you.

I hope you’ll reach out to your Mentor as much as possible, and always be grateful for the time they have devoted to your improvement and to believing in you.

Ladies & Gentlemen, please meet, The Legend, The Mentor, and My Yoda, Chris Poulos!



~ Jason Hewlett 

Husband, Father, Writer, Hiker, Coach

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Promise Legacy Coach
  • World’s First & Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach the Power of Keeping Your Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”

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6 thoughts on “My Yoda, My Mentor: Chris Poulos 1931-2021”

  1. I am sorry for the loss of your friend and mentor. I remember the video of the 2 of you several years back. So wonderful you made it to Provo to visit him. And now you have another special mentor on the other side.
    Please know I care.

  2. Hey brother, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much Chris meant to you. It’s wonderful that you’ve honored him so thoughtfully and publicly. You will continue to honor him in the way you lead your life, and in all the people you inspire and mentor along your journey.

  3. I love hearing about your mentors! What an amazing impact he has had on you! You make him proud and his legacy lives on in your service and mentoring others. Thank you for your generous heart!

    1. So very kind of you to say, Karen, thank you for reading and commenting. Chris made such an impact on my life.

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