My Dream Job

Ziya Active Utah Jazz Dancers Training with Jason Hewlett & lucky sons, Redford & Romney


Growing up in Utah I had one dream: To play in the NBA, be the next John Stockton, and be a part of the Utah Jazz!

While not every kid’s dreams come true, we still do all we can to align with something we aspired to way back when, and so our family have become super Jazz fans!

Imagine my shock in late 2018 when the phone rang and it was the President of the Utah Jazz, at the Owner’s request, asking me to come in and accept an official position with the team!

As I drove to the arena my mind was spinning…

What will they have me do?

How would I be involved?

Is it something I can excel at?

I need to lose some weight to fit into my jersey…

I wonder if I can still touch the rim…?


As our discussions began I realized they were in need of something I hadn’t even considered:

“We need you to coach those involved in the live performance aspects in between the playing of the game, so everyone in front of our crowd can represent the team on and off the court at a higher level of professionalism and confidence.”

The next thing I knew I was attending games, taking notes, and working with the Emcees/Hosts of the games, as well as the Ziya Active Jazz Dancers.

This was not something I was expecting, and I didn’t even know if I could do this well.

But – I accepted the job and for over a year have worked with the Utah Jazz, my dream job and company, as a coach, trainer, and cheerleader – and it has been incredible.


Utah Jazz Host Tony Parks
Utah Jazz Host Kera Thompson


Whether in an empty arena working on how to hold a mic in order to cut through the music while utilizing different vocal stylings, to best lines and practices for consoling a contestant who loses the chance to win a prize, to teaching the Dancers the best way to deliver their presentations on foundational pillars at school clinics and assemblies around the State as Ambassadors for the Utah Jazz, this has become quite the ride and experience!

To see the improvement of others taking my coaching and training suggestions to heart, watching them succeed as I sit in the stands, cheering them on via text in realtime, adjusting on the fly, has become an even more fulfilling experience to me than being on the stage myself!

Never thought I’d say THAT!

I guess I’m a coach at heart.  A teacher.  As they say, “Teaching: No Greater Calling.”  I agree.


Zyia Active Utah Jazz Dancers with my brother Jared and I


I haven’t publicly announced that I am now being sought after to coach not only those in the spotlight in companies like the Utah Jazz, but have been asked to help executives of very successful companies to improve their speeches for conferences, owners and founders to better their performance as they move into the next phase of their career, and hired to even attend events and just watch from the audience perspective to improve the event for the next time.

This to me is fascinating, but I realize this is the logical next step in my own progression.

Of course, I’m still a SPEAKER and Performer and will be on stages worldwide, but what a wonderful other aspect to my experience?

I never thought I’d get to work for the Utah Jazz, which was always my dream job, and although it’s in a different capacity than I hoped for as a kid (put me in coach!), it is EXACTLY WHAT I’M MEANT TO DO as a performer, speaker, listener, observer, communicator, connector, and having dealt with nearly every kind of audience and situation imaginable.

Working with the NBA players, executive team and others in the organization I’m hoping will come next, we will see, but that’s not as important as helping those I have been tasked to assist achieve their highest level of performance.

Truth is they are already amazing, and just the smallest tweaks make all the difference.

I am so proud of their progression.  In fact, this week the Dancers and I went through the ICM Process to help them Identify, Clarify and Magnify their Signature Moves in a 2 hour workshop, as tears were shed in between laughs, insights, inspiration, it was beautiful.

Question: Did you end up where you thought you would in your career?  

Not many start with the dream and end with the same one.  Often our dreams change as we realize new talents and skills others clarify we have as we didn’t even identify those strengths in the first place.

The Promise is about embracing the opportunities that come along, allowing one’s Signature Moves to truly shine forth as gifts and abilities become manifest while floating down our river.

How has the arc of your career changed from where you began?

Are you listening to those that are suggesting you shift gears, have an even higher purpose, and are you willing to forge a new trail?

I hope you’ll take courage, along with me, as I navigate the latest of my own path.  If we’ve been in the same realm for a while you know mine continues to morph.

Do we go with the flow or fight with resistance? 

I choose to allow the blessings coming my way to dictate the direction, even when it’s a bit unknown.

I promise myself to live this way, even if part of it feels dark for a season, there is a light on a new horizon I didn’t realize was there.

How are you living the dream, and are you allowing The Promise to work on your life’s purpose?



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4 thoughts on “My Dream Job”

  1. I loved seeing you at my UACTE conference. You made me rethink my dream job (teaching). I had noticed I was becoming “jaded” and not really looking for the best in those around me. I have been trying to make a list of “word” for several of my more challenging students. These words are letting me see them in a different light and “up my game” as a teacher. Thank you for making me laugh and cry.

    1. Oh my goodness Tanya, this is so wonderful and incredible. Good for you! I love that you’re taking this on. You’ve got this and have a major Promise you’ve made to those kids, I’m thrilled to know you’re keeping your promise. Well done and have a great rest of the year.

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