Middle Ages

This past week my article was about being crowned the world’s worst axe throwing dad.

I gave it a good effort in putting a point to it – not the axe, but the story – as my 10-year old son, Royal, bested me in every way.  Even to my delight.

But a comment left on the post by my friend, and one of the world’s great wordsmiths, actually knocked me off of my seat.

I read it while in the Sky Lounge in the Minneapolis Airport, in between speaking at events and travel, and was so taken aback that people were looking at me as I was visibly shaken, laughing, and moved by the wonderfulness of his comment.

Here it is, from the GREAT Thomas Cantrell:


Worry not, Jason, you do have a future alongside your famous axe throwing son. You have advanced in life to being Royal Squire* (or is that Royal’s Squire). Henceforth, thou shalt carry Royal’s axes, sharpen them, have them at ready for contest and conquest.

*FYI ~ “Squire” was a term in the Middle Ages for a knight’s assistant. The squire served the knight as his assistant, carried his weapons and shield into battle, etc. You are now middle aged so this Middle Ages position is right for you.



How he could someone come up with such a perfect comment?

Worthy of unwrapping, unpacking, dissecting, and rethinking the possibility of getting the best points of the best stories! This makes me so very happy.

When you find yourself in the position I did, which was being inferior to my superior son, to share the story to the limits of my own perceived points I could conjure was a bit of a risk.

What makes me so happy is to know the thoughts of a friend who captured the even greater lessons and sent it my way to deepen my thinking and capacity to appreciate the story.

Yes, that comment is worthy of it’s own post here!  I could read and re-read that comment every day forever more, and it would help me be:

A Better Dad 

A Better Follower of Leadership 

A Better Creator

A Better Thinker

A Better Lover of Living in The Present

A Better Promise Maker & Keeper

Thank you Tom, and everyone, for the thoughts you give me within the thoughts of my writing, stories, and sharing.  It comes full circle when we share our insights.

Tom, your Signature Moves astound me, always have, and I thank you for sharing them, and keeping The Promise!

Love you, Brother.



~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Promise Legacy Project Coach
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to Create Legendary Leadership through the Power of Commitment
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”


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6 thoughts on “Middle Ages”

  1. Fun! Enjoyed Tom’s speaker video.
    Happy 21st anniversary. Tami is a beauty.
    I know you have a birthday at the end of the month!!!!!!
    Lots of good things to celebrate!
    Blessings, Louise

  2. “Royal’s Squire” haha that made me LOL!

    I wasn’t familiar with Tom, but I really enjoyed his video. I loved his line about “your first objective is not to listen to the facts, but to the feelings. Once you understand how they feel now you’re prepared to deal with the facts.” Brilliant. Thanks for sharing another gem, Jason.

    1. Thank you Jeff, means a lot to hear from you. Tom is brilliant, thanks for taking a look at his great work.

  3. Wow. Raptor Man. Thank you!

    When I opened up your Middle Ages bit, I almost fell off my chair. I expected brilliance, cleverness, entertainment, enlightenment, humor…

    I didn’t expect me!

    Your generosity of spirit, your willingness to share the stage… your… um… I mean… like… wow…

    I’m actually speechless.

    [thank you] X 1,000


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