Magic Eraser Time of Year – Happy New Year 2023

Custom TAFT Boots


The New VANS look!


Magic Eraser to the rescue!

In December 2022 I made the big jump from my awesome, handmade, expensive custom leather TAFT boots to white laces, black tops, and white soled VANS.

Kicking and screaming I changed my clothing and shoe style, although it feels fresh and like the right direction to go, and fits my personality.

The only thing worse than making sure not to nick custom made boots from Italy, is figuring out how to keep the constantly scuffed, marked, and sullied white soles of my new VANS bright and shiny!

Luckily, my wife introduced me to Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser

It has truly saved the day so many times before I walk on stage, knowing everyone is inspecting the perfection of my black shoes with white soles.

Here’s the problem:

Recently, I did the usual routine in my hotel room – I got the Magic Eraser wet, cleaned the shoes, and then tossed it in my suitcase.  I figured it was dry and just threw it in there as I wheeled my bag to the event location.

Upon arrival I was horrified, opening the bag, my stage jacket had a stain front and center that refused to dry or come out!

The Magic Eraser ended up snuggling with my favorite Nordstrom jacket, infusing it with all of the mangy disgusting underbelly of my shoes!  

What I hadn’t taken into account was that the Magic Eraser doesn’t magically erase anything…it ABSORBS the defect and keeps it bottled up inside, until it gets the chance to lay against a fantastically pricey article of clothing smashed in a suitcase, at which point it empties all of it’s janitorial contents to it’s next victim!

It was the first event I have done in years without my precious jacket, I even told the client how embarrassed I was to not have the wonderful sport coat, to which she replied that I looked great without it as well (thank goodness).

Racing home, I pleaded with the dry cleaner to help me.

It took them multiple efforts, using chemicals so strong they could pry happiness from the disgruntled soul of the tenured accountant in the front row of my worst holiday party audience of the season, and thankfully removed the stain caused by the Magic Eraser.

They said it was as if an oil spill and vacuum cleaner bag had saturated my jacket!

I’ll have you know, relieved as you now are, the Nordstrom jacket is fine, although traumatized, it hangs happily in my closet once again, ready for it’s next spotlight moment.

However, my care of when and where to place the Magic Eraser has never been more decisive, as now I bring a Ziplock baggie, and an extra Magic Eraser, to every event, just in case one gets too dirty and must be discarded!

And that is the Parable of the Magic Eraser! 


What is the Promise lesson?  

The Magic Eraser PROMISES to remove stains, scuffs, and other household issues, and boy does it deliver!  It’s one of the greatest cleaning tools I’ve ever seen!

And although it’s Signature Move is to clear the path for all it rubs it’s scientific cleansing goodness upon, it equally absorbs and keeps with it every little mark, scuff, scrap, and filthy mess it’s ever had to go up against.

Now let’s talk about The New Year!

How do we start anew? 

Make some resolutions!  Get rid of bad habits!  Just like last year!  Yay!  (Exclamation points for sarcasm) 

How do we get rid of a bad habit? 

EASY!  Make New Year’s Resolutions!  Yay!  (CAPS for sarcasm) 

Oh, how wonderful it would be if there were a Magic Eraser for the year’s past failures, the habits we carry forth that don’t serve us, and the mindset we must overcome of our missed resolutions year after year.

At least, a Magic Eraser that appeared to magically make everything disappear…

Thankfully, there is an answer, since we don’t actually get rid of bad habits, we just replace them with good habits.

We do this by deciding which habits don’t need to be there anymore, some mightily hanging on for dear life, sure to leave their scar, marking our “fate” forever more…

And then we make a new Promise, followed by a nightly accountability with ourselves to check in on how we did that day, and repeat the process again the next morning, until it becomes routine, and a new habit.

And we let the Magic Eraser work it’s MAGIC!

However, the dirt, grime, and past remain.  And that is ok.

Years ago, innocent me would have skillfully tried to convince you that you can truly erase the past bad habits magically…

But life has taught me differently.

The habits remain, but now they are absorbed into our cells.

Yet, don’t be too discouraged, as cells regenerate and can become anew, yet, there is a reminder, as they are still stamped within the makeup of what we have once been.

Bad habits are a default mode we may have accidentally fallen for, relied upon, found comfort in.

That is the dark place where promises are broken and gel into our DNA, the Magic Eraser of illusion.

And so we must get to work with the Magic Eraser, and maintain a careful placement of our efforts, decisive action, care and attention, as we move forward with our newly minted brightened souls, our new habits, our constant vigilance to never return to the absorption state of mediocrity.

What is wonderful is that we each can create the life we want.  Default can be reset.  We CAN become new.

My friend ~

Happy New Year!

This is one of the best times of the year, as we reconsider, recommit, and replace the old with the new.

I wish you happy promise making, and even happier promise keeping;

Happiest Goal Getting, not just goal setting;

And never forget the power of the dry cleaner, which represents FORGIVENESS, as we WILL come up short in some of the promises we will make, despite the Magic Eraser doing it’s job!

Hurriedly – remove the stain, relocate the offender, replace the habit – and move forward, to be able to once again step into your spotlight!

I’m proud of you and know this will be your best year ever, as you plan, track, and start anew.

Magic Erase anything you want!  You’ve got this.  Keep The Promise.

Happy New Year 2023!


~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Promise Legacy Project Coach
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to Create Legendary Leadership through the Power of Commitment
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”

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8 thoughts on “Magic Eraser Time of Year – Happy New Year 2023”

  1. Cassandra Peeples

    Thank you for this! It’s been a rough end of the year, and we have some big changes happening for our family that are good but still unknown and a bit worrisome for how they will affect us. I needed to read this tonight and remember the promises that God has made for our family, and then the rest will come as we need it. Thank you!!

    1. Cassandra – I am grateful this helped and my best to you and family in all you’re experiencing. Have a wonderful New Year.

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