Kindness From Prison

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Last week I wrote about Kindness in this article, as schools nationwide are having Kindness Week.

Next week I’m speaking to every one of my kid’s classes at school on Kindness.

So let’s continue the theme!

The article I wrote last week was good, but this one is better, because it’s by my friend and world-famous author, Dave Crenshaw (Myth of Multitasking, The Power of Having Fun, The Result, among others).

Dave contacted me months ago with the invitation to go with him to Pelican Bay, the most infamous high security prison in America, where we would be celebrating Dave’s birthday and teaching inmates how to become entrepreneurs.

Sadly, I had an event come up and couldn’t make it.  Seriously!

In the past I have loved speaking at prisons, there is NO EXPERIENCE TO EQUAL IT, and I’ve never been so well received in any setting because these guys are so grateful for the laughs.

My opening line that always gets them is, “Well guys, usually I don’t get a literal captive audience…”  They go bonkers over that one.

Dave’s spin on this visit knocks me out, teaching the importance of kindness in a setting where it is so needed.  Cat Hoke of Defy Ventures is the inspiration here to this idea.  Dave wrote a LinkedIn article last year that went viral about his work with Defy that you might want to check out after reading below.

But I’m not going to tell his story here, I’m going to link you to Dave’s site, as he teaches these lessons so eloquently, and please comment there, or on YouTube (video below), how much you like what Defy has created.



Congrats Dave, another huge milestone of life mixed with blessing the lives of others.  You inspire me always.

Question for you, reader: What is your Promise for Kindness Week? 


~ jason

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2 thoughts on “Kindness From Prison”

  1. Wow…so grateful that you shared this, Jason! The work that Defy Ventures is doing means everything to me, so to have you spread the word to your large audience is such a gift.

    One thing I forgot to mention in this video: Defy has a recidivism rate of under 5% that’s more than ten times lower than the national average. When they get these guys to buy into the program, it completely changes not on their lives but the lives of their families.

    Thanks for being a true friend. 🙂

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