JetBlue Signature Service


“Welcome aboard!  Are you Mr. Hewlett by chance?” 

Surprised to be recognized, I said yes and was promptly handed a few items: A blanket, neck pillow, and this handwritten note.



Seated in my preferred exit row aisle seat for the 5 hour flight home, I was asked if I wanted a snack or drink before the rest of the passengers boarded the plane.

“Wow”, I thought, “so this is what a keynote speaker who speaks on Customer Service feels like!”  

I had just delivered the Closing Keynote for JetBlue’s Big 6 event to leadership attendees in Orlando, FL, received with roaring laughter, many tears, and finally a rousing and lengthy standing ovation.  Greeted on stage I was gifted a JetBlue airplane statue they coined “JasonBlue” and I suggested could be “JetHew”.


A rare JetBlue plane statue


The speech was a mighty success, and the first time I’d had the chance to deliver my new Keynote, Cultivating Signature Service.

JetBlue loved it so much their leadership requested I deliver the same speech to every department in the future.

“We’ll be in touch”, “Do you have these dates open”, and “We’ll be seeing you again soon for many more events together”, are always a good sign as you leave a stage.

And then seeing Tweets like these – wow!



And then I went to the airport.

Treated as royalty I was thrilled to feel so special once on the plane…I even took a selfie with the wonderful flight attendants.


Anthony & Andrea JetBlue Signature Service Flight Attendants


Quickly it hit me: I’m a Customer Service Speaker!  Of course this is how they would treat me.  They want me to share their story on stages all around.

The cynic in me started to take over….until I had my seat on the plane and watched with a critical eye as the seats began to fill in.

As special as they had treated me they equally shared the same joy, kindness, and interest in every single person that boarded the plane. 

And the entire flight home, I watched.

JetBlue’s Signature Service did not let up.  They were as friendly, joyful to be of service, and helpful as you would imagine an airline flight attendant could be.

To every single passenger.

This was not their “Show” because I was there, this is their Signature Move as a company.

I recall this as being their way on other flights in the past, and confirmed this day in this moment watching with fresh eyes.

Signature Service is simple when you have identified your personal Signature Moves, clarified it with those you work with to serve as a Team, and then magnify your Promise that is the mission of the company. 

It’s natural, undeniable, and unforgettable.

I am so impressed with JetBlue, from the leadership in the New York and Washington DC offices, to the front lines of flight attendants cultivating their unique and Signature Service.

I’m excited to speak with the other departments in the near future, to help them laugh, and to equally continue to drive home those skills they can share that make them the effective Legendary Leaders they already are, while utilizing their Signature Moves and service.

This is a Promise company.  They just get it.

My Signature Service includes immediate response time, easy to work with, ready to kill it on stage.

I also Promise to customize quite a bit of my presentations.  It’s not easy, but it’s natural now that I’ve seen how much the audience likes it.  And when we deliver our Promise the audience keeps us coming back over and over.

What’s your Promise of Signature Service?


(A few fun videos from Facebook in case we aren’t connected there)


My son finds the plane 🙂



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5 thoughts on “JetBlue Signature Service”

  1. Too cool! I hope you will be back involved with Paparazzi Accessories Convention this year or any year!!
    PS please tell me you did the velociraptor scream to the flight crew. Lol

    1. Hahahah. No “Raptors On A Plane” movie will be coming out soon 🙂 But I did make some smiles with the bunny nose.

  2. Wow! I read your blog each week! So imagine my surprise when I saw JetBlue in your title. I have worked for JetBlue for over 18 years and everything you said was true! I hope I get to meet you in person!

    1. Wow! Thank you Heather. Such a great company. Thrilled to be a part of what they are doing, it’s awesome. Hope to meet you as well!

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