Is Ted Lasso A Good Coach?

Ted Lasso just swept up at the Emmys.

Good for them, it’s the best, and only, series on any streaming platform I’ve ever watched more than 3 episodes in a row.

In fact, last year when I got a new computer and received the AppleTV+ subscription, I watched the first Ted Lasso episode and stated:

“I would buy an AppleTV+ subscription just for one Ted Lasso episode!  It is THAT good.”  

Now it has won all of the awards, and I agree it should have.

The question is:

Is Ted Lasso a good coach?

I mean, he doesn’t even KNOW soccer…football…English anything essentially.

Well, truth is, the premise of the show is built upon hiring Ted Lasso due to his lack of knowledge of the sport, and thus the beauty of the influence that his ignorance is bliss.  He changes the entire culture of the organization due to his Promise nature and Promise leadership traits.

What does Ted Lasso prove?

A Coach doesn’t need to be a Champion in the profession in order to coach others to success.

Which begs the follow up question:

Why would a Champion need a Coach?

This question seems ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Of course Champions require coaches.  The BEST Coaches!

Recently I watched a documentary about Muhammed Ali and the many coaches he hired to train him for every comeback, including reclaiming his heavyweight boxing championship belt 3 separate times in a never-been-done-again impossible feat.

If you enjoyed “The Last Dance” documentary about Michael Jordan’s 1990’s Chicago Bulls you’d get a kick out of how Phil Jackson had to manage the personalities of superstars, and the occasional crazy future Hall of Fame teammate (see: Rodman), in order for the Bulls to dominate NBA basketball for 6 seasons – which then officially ruined my Utah Jazz youthful childhood.


If you’ve ever REALLY COACHED someone, watched the struggle, suffered the sorrow, inch by inch toward achievement, then you know this reaction is actually quite composed.

This is literally what EVERY REAL COACH feels inside when they see their student succeed.

Or, the other reaction is the Yoda version of celebration:

Pure satisfaction it is, looking into eyes of young Luke Skywalker, lay down you will, Force to continue, in pure joy you shall die.  


Coaches matter.

It would be insane for an athlete not to have a Coach who cares, screams, cheers, pushes, and infects your brain with greatness and expectation, by pulling it out of you, since it’s already in there.

Even if you’re not an athlete, maybe you have invested in a coach a time or two.

Sadly, coaches are not always the right fit, nor even the right definition, especially the cacophony of so-called “life coaches” who have tainted the entire genre worldwide, those who proudly teach us how to create masterful relationships while philandering and just coming out of their 7th marriage.

Oh but wait – they also have a parenting book!  Just don’t read the Epilogue:

“Disowned by my Children: It Wasn’t My Fault, Kids!”

Look – I’m not saying they’re all bad – nor does a coach have to be perfect (see: Ted Lasso) in life or at the sport they coach in order to be effective and profoundly helpful – but stereotypes of “coaching” certainly have given the industry a tough time and a need for re-branding.


Through the years I have hired:

Writing Coaches

Performance Coaches

Strength & Fitness Coaches

Business Coaches

Life Coaches

Finance Coaches

AV Coaches

Image, Advertising, Social Media and PR Coaches

You’d never know it on some of those, would you!  hahaha.

If there’s something to be coached on that I want to succeed in, I have hired them! 

I currently have most of the above I just listed, and even right now I have a Coach for my Coaching.

Sounds redundant, but having someone coach you is a real commitment!

Which always baffles my mind when people aren’t interested in investing in themselves to improve, and suggest that coaching is best left to oneself.

“Go with your gut”, they tout!

Ok, if I did that, and didn’t hire a Nutrition Coach, I’d still have the same gut I’ve been fighting to outrun, and it always seems to be winning! 

The question to ask yourself is:

Who can help me inch that much closer to where I want to be?

My Speaking Coach’s name is Roddy Galbraith.

My Fitness & Nutrition Coach is Casey Ruff.

My Coach who is Coaching me to be a better Coach is Allen Roberds.

Who can help you move the needle of your Leadership? 

Who can help you become a Champion?  

Who can see in you what you can’t, and help you through The Promise ICM Process, CLARIFY your Signature Moves as only someone else can?

A Coach.

The Right Coach.

A Coach who promises to push you to new heights, and keeps their Promise to show up, tell it like it is, but also knows when to pull back when they realize you’ve pushed yourself too hard.


Coaching Utah Jazz Emcee Tony Parks before the big game.


Ted Lasso does this really well with every interaction, in humor, in vulnerability, in optimism and a dash of realism, in belief of others, trust and authenticity.  That’s why the show works, and that’s why everyone comes to him for his time.

Over the past few years I have been asked to do every kind of iteration of “coaching, mentoring, consulting, writing, and performance/presentation skills” in the coaching space.

I am honored by the trust my clients have in me for this part of my profession that I barely tell anyone about, as we just field the many requests in order to never take on too much coaching time and work, thus leaving time and space open in my schedule for events, gigs, and other appearances.

But my life and desires are changing.

I love doing events, traveling, and will continue to do so.  I’d love to come do yours!

Heck, if I’m at your event and you have someone needing Speaking/Performance Coaching on-site, I do that backstage!   Even lining up what will be said on stage before a pro hits the stage with me, we will have a chance to work with your stage presenters.


Backstage strategizing and working with the incredible Award-Winning Actress, Patricia Heaton
On Stage with Award-Winning Actress Patricia Heaton

And if you need Promise Culture integrated in a workshop following my Keynote on the big stage, we can do a team-attitude-changing transformational ICM Process Workshop on-site with every employee, or The Leadership Game with your top executives.


Team Training with the Utah Jazz Zyia Active Dancers

Equally, today I guess I’m letting the world know it:

I’m officially a Coach. 

And a Mentor, and a Trainer, a Consultant, a Cheerleader.

In most of what I’m asked to Coach on I have been there and done that, which gives me confidence I can help those who come knocking.

Most come to me for improvement of their speaking, stage presence, even asking me to rewrite a speech, or work on one segment that will lead the audience to remember it or get a standing ovation.

Others request help in establishing their Legacy, having succeeded at the highest levels of business they see me as a CEO Whisperer, who helps the Leader transition into the next phase from success to significance.  I love playing these roles, being a guide, and helping great people contemplate & put a plan forth in creating their Promise Legacy Project.




Yes, I have a John Maxwell Team Certification for this kind of thing.

Yes, I have spent hundreds of hours in mentoring, coaching, and consulting with some of the TOP Speakers in the industry who have sat in my home or asked me for tips on improving their presentations over Zoom.   This has been going on for over 10 years now.

Yes, I receive some of the most bizarre and wonderful emails you’ve ever seen, from the offices of famous, successful, and top businesses, usually in search of my help to assist a C-Suite Executive to improve their presentation capability….because they are losing millions due to ineffective and poor speaking skills by the incredible CEO that no one can “get to” except someone they’ve seen WOW an audience themselves.

I love helping these kinds of successful people.

Maybe you can’t see me freaking out in ecstatic joy like the Australian Olympic Coach, and I probably will never win an Emmy as the next Ted Lasso, but I can promise you this:

I know where I’ve been, and I know how to teach the process for how I got here.

I’ve helped others do the same, and have helped others get way, way past my success.

And honestly – Nothing could make me happier than watching those I coach get to a level I’ll never achieve.

I guess that’s why I really love to Coach and would love to Coach you.

What are you looking to achieve that I can help you with?  

I have a few Group Coaching & Masterminds starting up soon, as well as our new Promise Speaker Club.  My Hewlett Method of Speaking can help you with a Speech Punch-Up, or even just a strategy session for building your Speaking Business.  I have 5 spots left for Annual One-On-One Mentoring which comprise of The Hike, The Descent, unlimited access to my calendar, The Promise Legacy Project, and high-end masterminding.  Let’s talk.

Email me: or text me 801-674-3668 to set up a call about what you are working on.


Want to work with me as a Coach? 

I would love to help you become a Promise Leader and learn how to recognize the Signature Moves of those you LEAD in your Organization.

Join us for Live2Lead in Salt Lake City, UT

October 29, 2021 – Limited seats available.

Click HERE to get your seat and enjoy the PCX of The Promise Institute!


~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 

The Promise Institute Co-Founders

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”


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2 thoughts on “Is Ted Lasso A Good Coach?”

  1. You would be a great coach in many different arenas. You have excellent training and walk your talk.
    There are very few things I know for sure. On October 17, 2021, this is one of them!

    1. Louise, you are so encouraging and kind. Thank you for this. Coaching is one of my true passions and I feel has become a learned skill. Much like the gift you have of it, mine is coming along!

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