Instead – with Seth Godin


The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Seth Godin keeps a Promise To The Audience that is difficult to comprehend.  

Every morning, for as long as I can remember, in my inbox sits thought provoking, inspiring, powerful blog posts sent to hundreds of thousands, even millions of readers.

It is THE First thing I read every day.

The Practice behind Seth’s Signature Moves and Promise to Blog is quintessential in Leadership, Contribution, and Integrity.

It is as consistent as the sun coming up, and always arrives in my inbox to begin every day.

Not just workdays, but weekends, every single day.

Over 5,000,000 words!

It is the ultimate example of Making a Promise and Keeping it, even if he never made that promise to us, he just does it, going from “commitment-to-daily habit”, and he knows that we all expect it, and it’s always there.

Promise delivered.


As a writer who barely cranks out 1 blog per week to me it’s unfathomable he can think of and create this amount of content.  What a commitment to make!

Question: What do you do Every Single Day without fail in your personal leadership? 

The behavior must go from static to becoming automatic; even beginning as a worthy goal, morphing to a firm commitment, an eventual habit is cemented as a sacred goal so deep that we like to call it:

The Promise.

If you want to be inspired daily I recommend subscribing to Seth Godin, buying his books, listening to his podcast, looking into his altMBA program and more: it’s all HERE.

Here’s his last post about “The Streak” (from 2019) and confirms he’s gone 22 years without missing one day! 

Promise Kept!

I received this email (screen shot below) on Sept. 4 about “Instead” and it made me think about all the ways Instead works so well.

Such as:

Instead of setting a Goal, why not make a Promise?

Instead of making an excuse, do what you said you’d do.

Instead of cutting a corner, just go 100%, do the job right, well, and with pride.

So many great thoughts Seth inspires!

Enjoy Seth’s great work below and subscribe to his amazing blog for daily profound inspiration.



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~ Jason Hewlett & The Promise Institute 

The Promise Institute Co-Founders

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* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”

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