I Got Sued Yesterday


Just like this headline is misleading and complete clickbait, such is the reality we are living in, and the point of this author and PAPERBACK WRITER.

I clicked on a post recently after reading wild news stories ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and stumbled upon the Yahoo! article entitled: “Fans Sue Movie Yesterday”.

I loved the movie “Yesterday”, the one about The Beatles having only existed to the memory of a chosen few (who eventually COME TOGETHER), and the artist recreating their music to share with the world.  Even though the movie’s lead, the amazing Himesh Patel, changes “Hey Jude” to “Hey Dude” at Ed Sheeran’s comical suggestion, you would think he would just LET IT BE.

What was so wrong with this movie that someone would sue the makers of it, thus going down THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD?

GET BACK – it was the Trailer, of course!

Yes, the studio producers tried to ACT NATURALLY when they realized the stars from the movie were not big enough to draw fans.  So they did what any trailer promoter would do – threw in a beautiful, more famous actress, even ANOTHER GIRL, to entice fans to attend!


No, and please, HELP!

Because, come to find out, the actress, Ana de Armas, didn’t even end up in the movie as her scenes were cut FROM ME TO YOU and from the final edit!

And now people are suing them over EVERY LITTLE THING.

IN MY LIFE I find that both pathetic (let’s be honest, it is), and equally the highest level of holding someone accountable that you can IMAGINE*!




When we Promise something in Advertising (aka: HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE) I like to call it The Commercial vs. The Reality.

If you Promise more in the Commercial/Advertisement than is delivered in the Reality/Experience, then you have sold an impossible possibility, even an OCTOPUS’S GARDEN and instead Broken The Promise! 

Yet, those who Keep The Promise, creating an Experience and Reality greater than the Commercial and Advertisement, have Raving Fans, Customers who always return, feeling like they’ve just been on the MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR and then they do all the selling for you.

THE FOOL ON THE HILL at the end of the day is the production team who approved the trailer, and have to deal with this kind of lawsuit.

Of course, everyone wants success, but not to the level of MISERY and lying about what the customer/audience will receive if we can’t Keep The Promise.

The Question is: Do You Keep The Promise in what you offer in your performance, advertisement, and commercial, or do you just say WE CAN WORK IT OUT and break The Promise anyway?

Share in the comments below (and – I dare you to consider the THINGS WE SAID TODAY and use a BEATLES SONG TITLE in your response).


(P.S. I LOVE YOU &  I starred IMAGINE* since it was not a Beatle’s song, even though most think it was 🙂  )


~ Jason Hewlett 

Husband, Father, Writer, Hiker, Coach

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Promise Legacy Coach
  • World’s First & Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach the Power of Keeping Your Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”




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8 thoughts on “I Got Sued Yesterday”

  1. Across the Universe of communication, marketing, and advertising, it’s becoming more clear All You Need Is Love. In My Life, my gaze is firmly fixed that We Come Together on this one point. I’ve Got A Feeling with campaigns like Keep The Promise that Here Comes the Sun. Turns out it can be fun, too.

  2. Advertisers often stoop too low, like Yellow Submarines on a Magical Mystery Tour, looking for a Nowhere man, sitting in his Nowhere land, making all his Nowhere plans for Nobody in particular, instead of focusing on their Why.

  3. I always appreciate your deep thoughts here, Jason. I especially love this entry. Let’s keep, keeping our promises…

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