How Much Do You Give?


Do you give money to the kid knocking at your door for the band trip, football team, or scout troop?

Do you give food to the person asking from the street?

Do you give your time when asked to fulfill a calling?

Do you give by looking for ways to serve your partner at home that will lighten their burden?

Do you give praise to great service, as well as the person who is struggling to make it through their day?

Do you give the right of way to the impatient driver looking to enter your lane?

Do you give a hand to the overloaded mother carrying her children onto the airplane?

Do you give a call back when called, or the quicker email or text option?

Do you give others the opportunity to succeed and assist them in their efforts?

Do you give up your lunch break to help a co-worker understand how to do their job better?

Do you give your all to your clients?

Do you give your best to your family?

Do you give yourself some time to recover?

Do you give light or create darkness?

Do you give love or take it away?

Do you give your word and keep it?

How do you give?

Recently I had the chance to give to the Red Cross.  It was simply some of my blood.  Some people can’t donate blood, such as my wife, who contracted Dengue Fever and Malaria years ago in Honduras.  That is why I give.   I hope it helps save someone’s life I’ll never meet.

I hope this video makes you smile but equally to think of how you give.



~ jason

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