Honoring Those Who Helped Us Get There – Shannon Sharpe


I have spent 12 hours today working on outlines, examples, and stories for my next 20 YouTube videos.

These 10+ minute each videos will be recorded this coming Friday, a marathon of challenging filming that stresses the body and mind, but the outlines are due a week prior, and may be the toughest work I do each month in preparation of the daunting filming date.

Today I have been in search of examples to share for a video entitled: “How To Write A Tribute Speech”.

I know how to write a heck of a tribute speech, but when you find a winner online, it is so good, I don’t know how I can’t NOT share it with you here as well, since I don’t want you to miss this.

As my video won’t arrive on my channel (we just made it to 500 subscribers today as well!) for perhaps 2-3 months, if not more, I thought that this would make for a wonderful blog post, and hope you’ll take 8 minutes to fill your bucket with joy and watch this speech by Hall of Fame football player, Shannon Sharpe.

I don’t know much about Mr. Sharpe, other than he was great on the field, winning multiple Super Bowls, and is great as an analyst off the field nowadays.

Having watched this speech multiple times, I am blown away by the way he mastered the art of giving a tribute speech, highlighting many in his life, but especially his Grandma and his older brother.

If you only have two minutes, that’s all you need (watch video below, starting at 12:03).

If you are elected into a Hall of Fame someday, this is pretty much the perfect speech on how to honor a loved one.

His older brother, Sterling Sharpe, was one of the greats in the NFL as well, but never made it to the Hall of Fame.

The line that stands out is: “I’m the only pro football player that’s in the Hall of Fame and I’m the second best player in my own family.”

And then he lets that sit, quietly waiting for everyone to realize what he’s just said. The look on his brother’s face as the crowd rises in applause, and the ensuing tears streaming down his face, give me chills and will fill your heart with warmth.

Throughout this, he talks about Promises, giving someone your word, and keeping your promise.

Like I said, this may be a perfect tribute speech.

The Promise is this: Honor those who helped get you there. They deserve it, and you’ll be that much greater of a person for having shared their story when you could have just as easily talked about yourself.



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3 thoughts on “Honoring Those Who Helped Us Get There – Shannon Sharpe”

  1. Wow. WOW. Thank you for sharing this powerful tribute speech. Absolutely brilliant.

    Perfect timing this week that OJ Simpson passed away.

    I have been deeply considering what legacy means.

    This. This is legacy.

    1. It really is a great legacy message and delivery. I loved so much how he talks about his brother and then doesn’t say another word for about one minute as he allows the moment to sink in, crowd to respond appropriately, and continues on to make his case for being voted into the hall of fame next time. Masterful words, masterful delivery.

  2. Did you know that since Sterling Sharpe was injured and was not on the Packers rosters in 1996 when they won the Superbowl, Shannon gave his brother the first of the 3 Superbowl rings that he won because of the influence that Sterling had on his life. Paying tribute to those who have inspired, been a role model and/or mentored us speaks volumes. My parents were so inspirational to me growing up that when my husband and I married we chose their 35th wedding anniversary as our wedding date – we celebrated their anniversary as the foundation for our marriage. Fast forward and and my husband and I celebrated our 35th last year. P.S. I saw you at TDCon2024 in LaCrosse – you were awesome!

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