Everything That’s Wrong In Your Life

Everything that’s wrong in your life is because you broke a Promise to yourself!

You may not like that statement, but having now dug deep enough into this language and concept, it stands up with some heavy testing.

And don’t think I’m just pointing one finger at you, because three are pointing back at me, and I can prove my point.

What’s wrong in your life?  

Overweight?  You broke a promise to yourself.

Financially destitute?  You broke a promise to yourself.

Terrible relationship?   You broke a promise to yourself.


Seriously, look at all of the things that stink about your life, anything that you hate about yourself, and it leads back to a broken promise!

Your Health:

Do you REALLY commit to working on it?

Keeping that promise to do whatever it takes to regain it?

Can you find your treadmill under all of that laundry?


Your Money:

Did you really “invest” in that extra pair of shoes instead of investing in yourself, self-improvement, and your business?

Do you have a financial advisor, and have you ever listened to and done what they suggest?

How about learning to diversify your portfolio, and have different streams of income instead of relying on one thing?


Your Relationships:

Are you doing all you can to mend it?

And if it’s always the other person’s fault, then why are you still there, breaking the promise to yourself to continue the pattern?

Are you brave enough to make a change and keep a promise to yourself and family/business?


This post may be controversial or not sit well with some, and you may think it’s too harsh.  The unsubscribe button is very prominent on this one, and I encourage you to click it so I don’t have to pay for you to receive these free emails you don’t pay for, or read, anymore.  I’m happy to bring you along if you engage with me, but also happy to set you free from writings you’re not reading or liking at this point either.


Honestly, I’m sick of not keeping the Promise to myself to tell it like it is, because I must not have been clear enough to help you do something about your Broken Promises.  


You may have seen me on a stage making people laugh, and that is a big part of what I do and how I deliver an engaging and entertaining experience in a paid setting, but this is my blog and if you’re still reading it, you must have some kind of investment in yourself, or expectation in me, to say either:

  1. Jason makes me laugh, I like his inspirational stories and perspective, so I’ll take the time to read each week. 
  2. I receive too many emails, but Jason’s always make me think. 


Thank you for subscribing and reading 🙂

And sure, there’s plenty of funny to be had in this concept, trust me!

For example:

Do you remember that one time you were late for a conference call and everyone was waiting on you?   That was hilarious!

Broken Promise.


How about the time you were supposed to prepare that big presentation and decided to wing it instead?  Such success!

Broken Promise.


Remember how you laid into that vendor who had an issue running your payment, read them the riot act, and then realized it was your fault?  Brilliant!

Broken Promise.


If you haven’t come up with a Business Promise Proclamation and how you handle customer’s issues, then your Brand will suffer.


If you haven’t created a Promise Culture in your organization where promises are made, kept, and expected between those who work with you, then your company engagement, employee satisfaction, and teamwork will die.


If you haven’t taken the time to finally take serious The ICM Process for yourself, how can you lead others?  Legendary Leaders know their Signature Moves, but you don’t know yours?   How then can you lead anyone?  How can you help anyone identify or clarify their effective and essential Signature Moves that keep the Promise to your team?  


If you don’t come to work every day with your Promise Proclamation firmly in your mind and heart, when all heck breaks loose, you will lose it after enough broken promises are sent your way.


Have you just read through all of those phrases and thought,
“I’ve heard him talk about those but it never occurred to me…I don’t have any of that information!  I need that for my business, for my team, for my personal growth.  Where can I get it?”

If you want it, it’s been here all along.  Let’s set up a call.  Seriously, we have been waiting for you to join us at The Promise Institute:


YOU must be the One to Keep The Promise.  

YOU are The Leader of your Position, whether you have the title of leader or not. 

YOUR Promise in your work, every day, is to show up and keep The Promise of performance, excellence, and patience EVERY SINGLE ENGAGEMENT with EVERY SINGLE PERSON whether you feel like it or not – because it’s Your Promise.


Your Broken Promises have ruled your life. 

I am a “professional legendary expert” at breaking promises to myself in favor of keeping promises to everyone else while I suffer the consequences.  

Everything I have written above is true FOR ME.

Maybe it’s true for you, too.

Or perhaps you’re playing the victim and saying,

“Well, mother nature causes an earthquake, that ruined my life, how’s that my broken promise?” 

Fine.  Let’s play.

Have you ever been in an earthquake?

I was – conveniently – last March 2020, right after losing all of my work, financially destitute, scared for our family’s future COVID looming, and suddenly a massive earthquake, first of our lives, shook SLC, UT.

My first thought?

Crap – where are the kids? 

I started running through the house like a crazy person.

And then – it was over.

That’s when I realized, “I have always meant to be ready for an earthquake.  I have food storage, water, many things in place.  Yet am I really ready for this if there is damage?  Do we have a plan?  A meeting spot?  A way to contact anyone if cell towers are down?  First-aid knowledge?  Am I really prepared to deal with the aftershocks?” 

It all came back to a Broken Promise.  Things I had always meant to do but never did.   Even a mother nature event helps us realize when and where we broke the promise.

My friend, stop making excuses about semantics in my writing just because it serves you to not face up the fact that your life’s biggest problems are because of your Broken Promises. 

That’s why I wrote a book about it.


Not just about Broken Promises, but a HOW-TO GUIDE on making and keeping The Right Promises, fixing that behavior, with exercises, tips, tricks, habit forming principles, and assessments that will shift the way you show up from now on.

I know for a fact that thousands of readers and subscribers of this blog never bought that book.  

Thanks a lot.

That’s my own fault.  I’ll own up to it.  I guess I didn’t feel strong enough  that the book was essential enough for you to need it.  So I really didn’t push it.  I promoted it for a few days, and that was a good wimpy effort.

Well I KNOW you NEED this book now!


From The Promise To The One by Jason Hewlett * Photo by John DeMato


Our world stinks.

Broken Promises everywhere. 

I’m sick of it, so I wrote a book about how we don’t have to be a part of that problem.

Don’t be The One who Breaks The Promise! 

RISE UP!  Live up to what you always knew you could!  I’m doing the very same, along with you!  I am on this JOURNEY WITH YOU!

You didn’t get the book because …well, perhaps, because I didn’t write a blog like this.

But more are coming, and they’re going to test you, push you, and if you read this far, trust me, I’ve just planted a worm in your brain that will make the thought of all of your Broken Promises fester until you get and read the book.  

You may not like it, but I’m keeping The Promise to me to finally allow the voice and words I use with coaching clients and those I mentor, who really want to improve, when I get right up in their face and they go, “WHOA!  I thought you were just the funny guy!  But that just freaked me out, you’re right, I’m going to do exactly what you’re telling me!”

So here I am now with you.  In your face.  You’re welcome.

Everything that’s wrong in your life is because you BROKE a Promise to yourself! 

It’s your own problem if you don’t want to change that fact, but if you do, the book’s here and it will immediately change your life and the Promises you make and keep from now on.


Photo by John DeMato

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

~ Jason Hewlett

The Promise Institute Co-Founder

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”


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    1. Thank you my friend. It really is a powerful thought when we face the truth. Thanks for your continued encouragement and support.

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