Crazy Week

Hanging with Neo Villalobos, my new best friend

It is after midnight on Sunday, March 3, as this blog is due to go out at 5 AM.

I usually don’t wait until the very last minute to write the blog, but this is my first opening this week to work on it.

The Promise is to make sure to share something with you that will uplift and inspire, but I’ll be candid: I’m lying in bed and about to fall asleep after one of the more intense weeks I’ve had in a while.

A week ago my father-in-law fell and broke his back, had emergency surgery the day after we celebrated my wife’s birthday, which was my first day trying to ski since my broken leg a year and a half ago.

I’m pleased to report his surgery went well, he’s on the mend, could have been paralyzed, and we are grateful he’s healing.

Tami’s birthday also was a success, and I skied on my leg with no pain at all, which was thrilling to return to the mountain.


Tami’s Birthday


Last Sunday morning I drove 6 hours from SLC to Las Vegas on perhaps the sunniest, prettiest day since November, made it to Sin City just in time to sit in gridlock traffic for 2 hours before getting to my hotel which was less than a mile away. Once checked in, I hopped on Zoom to participate in an extended family annual meeting discussing our 100-year ranch on a 3 hour call.


Soon to be Full House in Vegas


Monday morning I woke up and got to be the keynote speaker to 300 franchisee owners of flooring and carpet companies; the meeting planner mentioned before I went on stage that a few speakers were sick, so my 60-minutes became 90-minutes, and I was pleased to receive a standing ovation from the wonderful attendees.

Driving home as fast as legally possible, there were important phone calls that distracted the time, and I made it to my youngest son’s basketball game that evening, later prepped into the night for the next day.

Tuesday I was on 4 podcasts, 2 client calls, and multiple meetings, including working on the Elton John, Billy Joel Musical Tribute Show that is SOLD-OUT in July at Hale Centre Theatre, and we decided to add a few matinees, so if you’re wanting to attend there may be tickets available now!  The show is taking shape and will be incredible, LIVE band and all. Rounded out the evening with a haircut, went to the gym with my boys, and prepared for the next day’s marathon.


Nate Woodbury and Jason Hewlett


Wednesday I woke up extra early and filmed for the next 8 hours my new YouTube channel videos: 20 of them, 10+ minutes each, and posted about the efforts to do so much work, going from 350 subscribers to over 430 as of this writing (in less than a week! Thank you!). Exhausting both mentally and physically, I was thrilled to slay that monthly dragon. That evening I returned home and prepared for the next 3 days, while my family attended the State tournament for our high school basketball team’s run at winning State, coming up short by 1 point to reach the championship game.

Thursday through Saturday was 6 AM-11 PM every day, helping with an event my friend Cheryl Knowlton and I have been talking about hosting for quite a while now, where we hand selected special guest speakers who wanted to work on their 15-minute speech to take to market. It did not feel like work, but it was a lot of hours, 9 AM-6:30 PM daily, and finally wrapping up Saturday night, it was a dream come true experience for both of us, and something we will do more of.

To see the progress of every Speaker was one of the most fulfilling moments of my career. Cheryl’s shared some powerful thoughts on Facebook and I will post more about it for those who want to submit to qualify to work with us in the future.




Cheryl Knowlton and Jason Hewlett


In between all of this busyness we also saw our 16-year old get his drivers license, our 17-year old finished his campaign to run for Student Body President, and our 18-year old’s recently purchased used car have an engine blow out killing the car completely. This week also saw consulting with Cardio Miracle and lining up all agendas, at the same time we had an expert builder pour concrete in our backyard to prep for a mini-remodel we’ve talked about doing for over a decade, and we saw one of the biggest storms in a while that covered our cars and walks in ice.

I am exhausted.

I should be asleep.

But I promise I will write this blog every week, and have it to you on Sunday.

I like having that commitment as something I don’t question – it’s a non-negotiable, despite all the other craziness of my life, I’m still going to deliver this one thing to you.

You have promises like this which you have made, and kept, despite the absolute chaos that determines to make you break your promise.

Yet, you still deliver.

Your peers count on you.

Projects are accomplished because of your promise.

Your Family believes you will keep your promise.

Your customers know you made a promise, and because it’s your brand, you keep The Promise.

You and I are very similar, the only difference is that you probably didn’t take the time to write out all that you did in the past week and share it online.

But I know, you always keep The Promise, regardless of how hard it is to. It’s a sacred goal, your non-negotiable.

You should be proud of you, I know I am proud for you.

Thank you for living The Promise with me, and I guess it’s time to sleep now.


Happy Birthday to Tami


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~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”


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12 thoughts on “Crazy Week”

  1. Melinda Parkin

    You sent it, so you kept your promise. Now I hope you get more sleep. Just yesterday, I started reading your book, The Promise To The One. I would have wondered what happened to your commitment if I hadn’t seen this blog post in my inbox this morning. 😉 For your sanity, you could have some prewritten blog posts ready to send for weeks like these.
    I was an early purchaser of a seat at Hale and look forward to seeing your performance with my friend. I hope the extra matinees don’t wear out your voice. It’s common for Hale to add matinees so I guess I needn’t have felt rushed to buy those tickets almost a year ago, long before I knew what my July calendar looked like. 😀

    1. Thank you Melinda, I hope you enjoy the book! As one of my promises I always do what I can to be fully present, and that makes writing a pre-written blog a challenge, which I have done before, and it often doesn’t feel authentic to what I want this to be. I hope to be able to do that when it is possible, and I appreciate the suggestion for sure. The HCT shows will all be spectacular, voice strong, I’m working it out daily, and excited to have you there, thank you for supporting the effort and being one of the first in line which created such demand for more performances.

  2. Jason, you are the living, breathing embodiment of THE PROMISE. I suspect I have an idea of how exhausted you were last night. And yet – you did it. You kept your Promise.

    Happy happy birthday to Tami. Prayers for her dad.

    The most profoundly heartfelt gratitude to you for helping me to live my life’s purpose to help others to discover and unmute their own magic.

    May you be the recipient of all of the light and the generous gifts you so freely give to others.

    Thank you for living your Promise.

    1. Cheryl, you continue to floor me at your capacity to be even greater each time I work with you. Thank you for becoming one of my heroes as we’ve interacted, you have helped me to live the Promise as well. I appreciate and love you, and grateful for Rick’s encouragement and support of our work together. This weekend was magic, can’t wait for the next one.

  3. I love your commitment to the Promise. I enjoy your weekly blogs, they always give me something to focus on for the week. Even though my husband and I are both retired now, it’s amazing how busy our weeks get, although nothing quite as crazy as yours! Thank you for your Promise. I also got tickets almost a year ago and so glad I have your show to look forward to, even not having any idea what July will bring. I will be at that show in July however.

    1. Bobbye, it’s awesome to know your life is busy and well! I appreciate so much that you have tickets to the show, it will be incredible!

  4. Monetize Your Magic was an incredible experience for my wife. I experienced this event second hand through the daily stories told to me each night. My heart melted after hearing your comments after my wife’s final presentation. You and Cheryl and the many others you invited to help coach, made a huge difference in the lives of those who attended and the messages they will share on stage. Thank you.

    1. Mark, this message means so much to Cheryl and I (I just read it to her), that I don’t know what to say. Kitty is beautiful, powerful, precious, and so very worthy of sharing her message to the world, to those of faith, to those needing faith in themselves and something bigger…she killed it, and I am so proud of her. Thank you for this feedback and that she had a wonderful time, she added so much to our lives and event, she is one of my new favorite humans and you and I are certainly blessed for the choice daughters of God we have in our blessed lives as our companions. Give her my best.

  5. Jason, you are an inspiration to us all. Busy people are the ones you want on your team, because they know how to get things done. Look forward to watching your podcasts and reading about your journey of life. Continue to Keep The Promise and LIVE LIFE LARGE!

    1. Woody! Thank you for the encouragement and kind words. I can tell you know what it’s about to Keep The Promise. Continued success!

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