Commitment to Joy: I Am A Speaker!

CONFESSION: Since I was a kid I wanted to be Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins more than Jim Carrey, Billy Joel, or Michael Jackson.

However, the vehicle to which I knew I must get noticed, to make smiles, and to be heard was via entertaining.

I freely admit I used comedy, voices, music, and impressions in Show form to get to where I have gone, and I will always use those as a way to open the hearts of the listener.

I respect so highly all of the artists and performers I have known and looked up to.  I am grateful for them.  They inspire me.

But my ultimate dream and hope was to entertain with a message, to drive home the idea that we can be inspired through music, comedy, story, and experiences shared together.

I have worked so hard at this, the weaving of a SPEECH that feels like a SHOW but is really a SPEECH but you react like a SHOW.  The meanings all mesh together now.

Today my friend Rita Craig recommended me as a Closing Keynote Speaker for the CareerSource of Florida.  We laughed, we cried, we threw chicken wings, we hi-fived, we recognized our gifts, we shouted praise for the gifts of others, Lady Gaga’s Old McDonald and Journey’s Broken Arms taught us Change is a Gift, the Raptor was Daddy Dinosaur and the metaphor for how Raptors attack us from adapting really landed, and it was one heck of an experience.

Person after person hugged me and said, “I am exhausted and exhilarated!  Thank you for your message, the show, the inspiration!  I’ve never seen a Keynote Speech like this!”

The AV team asked me for cards, saying this was the best Keynote they’d ever seen in 20-30 years working events day after day.  I say it in all humility because if you’ve seen the progression of this presentation you know it’s been painful for the audience and especially for ME!  I think I’m FINALLY getting somewhere with this SPEECH is a SHOW is a SPEECH concept.

Grateful for all of the clients that have taken a chance on me in this Keynote slot as well, for the coaches that encourage, the speakers that recommend me, and the naysayers, for without you I’d rest on my laurels.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I LOVE being the end of the night SHOW, it’s afforded me an incredible career, and I will continue doing it, but I just have to say, I prefer being the Closing Keynote Speaker any day of the week, as I think I just saw the light of Change in the eyes of attendees, and none brighter than mine.  Oh happy day, I’ve finally found my place.  #HowILoveToSpeak

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