Commitment To Joy: Ernie Johnson

If you know anyone with cancer and what they go through, you can understand why someone would GIVE up a great honor in order to honor another.

In Keith Olbermann’s words, “A unicorn appeared at the Emmy’s the other night in the form of Ernie Johnson.”  No way to say it better, because what just happened actually never happens in real life.

Earlier this year, ESPN legend, Stuart Scott, passed away at 49 years young to cancer, and was memorialized  on the Emmy broadcast early in the night.  Scott was an Emmy nominated host that night following his passing, along with Olbermann, Ernie Johnson, and others, so it was something of a letdown to the audience once Johnson received the winning vote for his 3rd Emmy.

However, Ernie Johnson is as good as a person gets.  Having suffered through cancer himself he was quick to recognize the importance of dedicating – NO – giving the award to Stuart Scott’s daughters to place on their home’s mantle “because it really belongs to your Dad” Johnson resolutely stated.

I have to say this was about as cool of a thing as anyone can do.

Question is: Would you do the same for someone?  Would you give something you deserve, worked hard to earn, may never receive again, in order to honor someone you respect, loved, and looked up to?

How do we do the same for those who have gone before?  We may never have the chance to GIVE an award, as many of us will never win won to give away.  However, we all have a life to live, and how about living our best in honor of another, to carry on their legacy?  Perhaps mentoring someone in the way only you can?  There are so many ways to revere those who set great examples for us.

Commitment To Joy is dedicated this week to the amazing, and new hero of mine, Ernie Johnson, for this great gesture.  With all the depressing daily news out there about horrible things everyone does to each other, this just made my day, my week.  How cool to be so committed to doing something in honor of another?

Love it.

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