Chinese Waterfall Hoax

My visit to a real waterfall in Utah, Mt. Timpanogos, circa 2016. I climbed to the top and it is real. And, this hike nearly did me in to a near death.


Did you hear the one about the Chinese Waterfall that isn’t real?

Big news story!  READ ABOUT IT HERE.

Yes, the highest waterfall in the country of China, the majestic Yuntai Waterfall, actually comes from a pipe in the mountain (not always, just some of the time, depends on the season).

From the article is states, in classic justification form:

“Yuntai Mountain Park’s management responded, explaining how changes in the dry season necessitated the extra boost to the falls.

“(The waterfall) cannot guarantee to meet the public in its most beautiful appearance due to season changes,” they said, adding that the waterfall underwent “a tiny improvement during dry season.”

The park’s management also expressed gratitude for the attention, promising that the waterfall would greet guests this summer in its “most perfect and most natural form.”

My kind of Promise right there! LOL. Holy heavens. How deceiving.

“Most perfect and most natural form”…goodness, gracious, I hope no one notices my eyelashes aren’t real (said every teenage girl and 40-something mom adopting the latest Mr. Snuffleupagus eyelash trend).

Yikes. As if nature’s wonders weren’t wonderful enough, now we have to wonder if they’re really full of wonder, or full of … other stuff.

Yes folks, The Waterfall is not real – it’s a pipe of flowing water!?!

What has the world come to?

Well, actually, things aren’t always as they seem.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” (name that movie)

Good intentions, China – but at what cost, for a 5-Star rating of a nature location?

Honesty? Reality? Do we care to see Mother Earth’s creation if it’s merely posing?

Now the question comes to us and our own character:

How often are we the Chinese Waterfall? Probably more often than not actually.

I find it in myself, as I politely apologize to people I bump into while we walk in a crowded hallway, yet get me in my car alone in traffic and you would be surprised by the names I’ve found myself calling drivers/strangers who can’t drive and certainly need to be tested for their intelligence, as I become the Chinese Waterfall myself.

Instagram gives us this every day, people we scroll on by watching and wondering, regardless of the reality, with their wonderful magical creation built to fool all of us.

Your life is so perfect?  I’m happy for you. And I equally hope you have a delay in your air travels on your private jet. Nothing too bad, just maybe a hiccup in your life of perfection.

Please let his filet mignon be served cold while he lounges in his hot tub in his better-world-than-mine, cuddled up to his soulmate.

Uncle Rico is real. Uncle Rico is also The Chinese Waterfall.

As the world goes from almost all reality to an augmented one, as deep fakes begin to truly fool us, with elections on their way, it is more important than ever to consider what we want:

Truth and a dried up cliff face, or a payoff the hike was worth it to see a man made waterfall that isn’t real?

Truth your life is perfect while mine is not…as I shave my back before the beach stroll. 

Truth my business is killing it – but if I talk with the tax man, it’s actually not…we are starving over here and have nothing left! 

The moral dilemma is real!

Give me Authenticity, or give me Death. 

(Is that a quote that’s been said before? Actually, some poor kid will someday turn that in with a history paper which, through ChatGPT version 89, will find it on this blog and the sorry sap will get an F.)

It depends on your Promise as to how you want two things:

  1. Your story to be told with truth
  2. Your story to be seen with envy

If you care more for the former, the latter will right/write itself.


Niagara Falls with Hewlett Family 2015 – this waterfall is real, the trip there in an RV – absolute nightmare. Worth it. 


~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

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