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Every night around 11:45 PM I check my phone on last time before setting the alarm for the next day.

That’s when I remember the Brain Games I forgot to do that day.

The two of choice come from the New York Times:

Wordle and Connections

According to Wordle, I have played it 575 times and have a 97% success rate. I have lost very few times, and the streaks are mostly broken when I forget to play.

This is not a tough game, but it is a fun challenge, as you have 6 tries to come up with the correct 5-letter word.

The tough part for me is coming up with the answers in very little time before midnight when it resets for the next day.

I take around 5 minutes per Wordle game, which is above the 12 minute average.

Connections is a newer game, where 16 random words are shown and you have 4 chances to put them in the right categories and common thread. This one is extremely tricky.

I am much less capable in this game, although I find it a true challenge and often laugh when I realize the grouping, as some are very far fetched and make me wonder how the creator came up with the category in the first place, while equally leading you to think the word should be grouped in another.



I don’t know my percentage of win rate, but I bet I’m around 50%.

I have felt bad about myself a few times with this game and apparently I’m not alone (according to this article).



Without social media on my phone, and enough incoming emails (manually retrieved, no push notifications), and book apps to keep me busy, the question is:

What do Brain Games have to do with The Promise?

Ask yourself:

  • How do you challenge yourself willingly every day?  
  • Why play a brain game? 
  • Why keep a streak alive via consistency?

All of these have to do with keeping a promise to self, to show up, to not waste time, to strive to better yourself.

Although my every day seems to be a brain game all day long, it is odd to me that these Brain Games help me get ready to go to sleep.

Maybe it’s just knowing that I got to it, and it is the final tough task after a productive day.

I have found that if I do these games at the beginning of the day, I spend upwards of triple the time on them, whereas, knowing the deadline of midnight looms, I crank them out productively.

The Brain Games with a deadline…that seems to be The Promise to me.

How about you?  Which Brain Games do you enjoy? 



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~ Jason Hewlett

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