A New Career

“Wait a minute”, she shouted into the Zoom call, “I didn’t even know THAT was possible!?”

Elated, she firmed up my appearance for her event on the spot, only 5 minutes into the call, having found the solution they were searching for over a month of planning and having no idea how it would work.

Her greatest concern was how can we do anything like a LIVE event in a VIRTUAL way?  She knew it wasn’t possible to recreate the engagement, connection, and experience.

She needed an Emcee who was world-class Entertaining without paying the usual high fees, a Speaker who could educate, inspire, and fill in the gaps, keep the flow going for the all day virtual conference, and keep it within the budget.

I insisted we do a Zoom call instead of a phone call.  She reluctantly agreed, having eyeballs seared by too many Zoom calls in the past week.

Asking how it was possible to tie together multiple speakers, executives, pre-recorded speeches, live presentations, awards and recognition, I could tell she was overwhelmed and had come to her wits end.

After she vented her frustration at the impossibility of the task at hand, I said,

“I see what you’re up against.  Luckily I’ve done this with a few other events virtually and it’s worked amazing, let me show you.”  

I don’t recall the last time I saw someone’s face go from skeptic to complete shock and gratitude, but it was apparent in about 12 seconds as I showed her how we could make her vision a reality.

She stopped me mid-presentation as I showed her what I could do from my home office and shouted,

“THIS!  HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?  Even the production team of audio visual people said THIS wasn’t possible, but you’re doing it before my very eyes, with videos of others, you interacting LIVE with me in between each piece, music, entertainment… THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!”

She firmed my appearance that moment and said they’d pay whatever I need.

I said she didn’t need to add to the payment, as she would be saving a TON of money by not flying people to record, create, run this event, and I could do it all from my home office with the assistance of my team.

Saving a client tens of thousands of dollars, maybe more, in expense and production, while helping create their dream.

That’s worth the headache and hassle and absolute challenge I have suffered for 3 months to see her that happy.

The event is in a month.

Yes, I have my hands full with this one, but it’s the new game.

I love doing events LIVE, have always been happy to travel and come to the client.  But wow, wait a minute, I have everything I need right here at my fingertips and within 12 steps of my bedroom in my home office.

You, my faithful Reader, have watched me go through this transition in record time, and you have been there for me.

My incredibly fruitful Spring was gone in an instant on March 12.

By today, June 17th, I am nearing replacing my income for the future by doing something I didn’t do March 11.

I’m not saying the circle is complete, I’m just saying I wasn’t quite sure how things would work out but I was CERTAIN if I just kept doing what I was doing – experimenting, preparing, failing enough to succeed – something good HAD to come of it.

That happened today.

And it happened yesterday on another call.

It happened multiple times in the past weeks for many important events of very happy customers, and what is very apparent to me is something I never thought could be ~

I have a New Career. 

I am a Virtual Event Speaker.

I can run a Full Event from my HOUSE!

And I LOVE IT.    

I can help you create a Virtual and Engaging Experience you don’t even realize is possible for your next meeting, event, and give you solutions you haven’t seen happen before.

Seriously, let’s set up a Zoom call and I’ll show you.

Because these types of events pretty much didn’t need to happen before.

Now they do.

And I am keeping a Promise to you that this will work.

Many thanks to those who have trusted me with this new opportunity.

My NEW Career.

I am so thankful.

This is The Promise.


jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise


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