80-hours to China and Back


Hi My Friend.

This blog will be short and sweet.

Last Tuesday I had an event in Chicago that was awesome.

Tomorrow I leave my home at 4 AM to go to Indianapolis for my next event.

I have had those booked for quite a while now.

And then an opportunity came up that I couldn’t pass on, even if it would be physically nearly impossible to pull off.

A life insurance group in Malaysia called, having their event in the “Las Vegas of China”, a fancy place called Macau.

They needed me there on Friday as the Closing Keynote.

Usually someone would go to the other side of the world and spend some time checking things out.

However, I didn’t have time to do that, but realized I could make it work if I did the hardest turnaround of my career.

That would mean 80 hours of travel without a break. Truth is: I never went outside the hotel other than to grab the taxi to and from the airport!

Here’s the view from my window!



I returned home Tuesday night from Chicago, and left my home at 6 AM Wednesday for Seattle, then to Seoul, South Korea, then to Hong Kong, then to Macau.

30 hours one way.

Sadly, there was only an upgrade from SLC to Seattle.  So, this was not a comfortable experience on the flights.

Landed, changed in the hotel, did sound check, did my 30 minute speech, took photos and signed autographs for about 4 hours, and went back to the airport to fly home.

I was in Macau for less than 18 hours.

And then 30 hours back to SLC.

I leave for the airport in 7 hours from this posting to head to Indy, and keep the Promise to my awesome client.

To say I’m grateful for what I’ve just gotten to do would be an understatement.

This is, in every way, the opposite of every challenge and opportunity I have had to deal with since 2019.

Remember, I was trapped in my home office doing events “virtual” for a year.

In Macau, there were thousands cheering, laughing, wanting to get a photo. It was incredible and felt like old times again.

I loved them and they loved me. It was awesome.



I am in physical pain, mostly back and hips, from sitting on planes.

But I am so so so grateful for this time of my career.

The Promise in this case was to show up, deliver on no sleep, and to show up for the next client as if I am at 100%.

Truth is: When the lights go on I AM AT 100% even if I don’t feel 100%.

Do you get me?

That’s why this blog is late today to your inbox, and it’s also a Promise kept to send you this on the very day of such a turnaround.

I’m off to bed now.

I’ll never forget my 80-hours to China and back.

And I am so excited for this coming week, speaking in Indy, SLC, and when I can hopefully catch up on some sleep later this month.

For now, back to the race track.

~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Coach & Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to Create Legendary Leadership through the Power of Commitment
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”



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20 thoughts on “80-hours to China and Back”

  1. Wow! What a week. This post is quite a contrast from the av nightmare a few weeks ago. Highs and lows, highs and lows is what life is all about. Good luck as you continue firing on all cylinders. Thanks for the post- I missed my usual Sunday morning reading, so this was a good way to end the weekend.

  2. Go on with your bad self Jason! We love this life and the adventures it provides. I am sure they did not know about your efforts and hours to provide memorable moments. Remember, Advil, Aleve, and a cup of gratitude ease the pain. Well done!!!!
    Norm Hull

    1. LOL! Love you Norm, great to hear from you my CSP Summit friend. Thank you and plenty of gratitude has gone a long way.

  3. That’s actually very amazing! Not everyone could pull that off. Be sure you move around on your flights, you’re at high risk for blood clots with all those flights! Sorry it’s the old retired nurse in me. Lol. But keep up your great work.

    1. You’re kind to suggest such. I did just that, it was the only way I could survive. In lieu of sleep, I stood up every 45 minutes for every single flight, be it 5 hour flights or 12 hours…walked around, stretched, had seats near the back of the plane any way, always get an aisle so I can get up endlessly, and walked, stretched, moved. It saved me, no question!

  4. I missed your blog yesterday and said a prayer that nothing bad happened.
    You are amazing. Sounds like you had a fun, fun time. My sense is that they will want to have you back!

    1. Thank you my friend. I hope your big week and receiving the Hall of Fame award was a wonderful occasion, I look forward to hearing more about it.

  5. What a trip! You are amazing Jason! Your posts each week are such a great addition to my Sunday. Thank you for living The Promise and sharing with us! Have a great week and take some time for yourself soon!

  6. Jason,

    You are such a Rockstar! Love your dedication and commitment to your clients and THE Promise!! I am and will always be a FAN! You are one of the highlights of my Life and the inspiration, laughter, and emotion that you evoke to your fans is amazing! Keep it up! You GOT this! Much appreciation for who you are and what you stand for!!

    1. Oh my goodness Betty Jo, you are too much and so kind. You are one of the true highlights of my career and the events and memories we’ve shared with your friends in Delta. Thank you!

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