5 Summers


“We have 5 Summers left, Honey”, I said to my little Ella, 13 years old.  “What do you want to do with this one?

She looked at me surprised.  “What do you mean we have 5 left?” she asked.

“I mean while you’re a kid, as my little girl in this our little family.  How amazing is that?  We won’t get this back, so what should we do?” I said.

She looked off from the co-captain seat as we sailed down the road, her thoughts consumed by the roar of the motorhome, and suddenly the realization she was growing up quicker than she noticed.

Have you ever considered that you only have 18 Summers with your kids?

I mean, if you’re lucky and all goes as hoped with life, you still only have very precious little time with your kiddos as young ones.

Some of you are reading this saying, “Oh yeah, we’re going on 36 Summers with our son, we can’t get him to move out…”  

Well, to those I’m sorry 😉  But seriously, think about this most incredible time we call life!

What will our summer consist of?  We’ve decided to keep The Promise and live it fully once again!

My friend, Founder of 100 Humanitarians, Heidi Totten, mentioned to me that there is a blog about this concept of “18 Summers” after we had already begun discussing how grateful we are for these moments of our lives.  Check it out, looks like some cool adventures by this family.

As school lets out this year, if you have little ones, or if you are the surrogate parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent, or even just cool friend, neighbor and leader in the community, remember these are the days.  This is the time.  Plan something adventurous, beautiful, unforgettable.

This summer our family is blessed to take some incredible vacations, and it’s because of those who read this blog and share my writing with their teams, company leaders, and perhaps it leads to me speaking at an event.  We will also do things that aren’t so spectacular, but are what life is all about, such as waking up late, taking a walk around our neighborhood, watching movies together, doing yard work and projects in the garage.  It will be a summer to remember regardless of the big trips or the stay at home every day life moments.

The Promise we made as a Family a long time ago was to enjoy life, live it fully, and that’s why we will have the summer we get.

Between events in Kauai, Miami, Denver, and even Australia, these are unbelievable places and opportunities because of you, my readers.

To fill in the gaps we will explore our amazing home state of Utah, in the mountains, parks, lakes and slot canyons, even that is epic because we make being home feel like a vacation anyway.

Whether you get away or staycation this summer, Promise to make it awesome and be together, as much as possible.

Thank you and have a wonderful summer, wherever this one of 18 Summers takes you.



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10 thoughts on “5 Summers”

  1. We only have 3 with Marlowe! It’s so scary how fast that went. But so thankful that we’ve been able to spend our summers doing some pretty epic things! Some of them turned into Clark W. Griswold adventures, but those are the funniest memories now. Hope we can connect with you guys when we’re in Utah this summer!!

    1. Totally understand the Lampoon Vacation reference 🙂 Safe travels this summer and thank you for reading!

    1. Thank you very much Laura! These are special times and we are grateful for them. Thank you for engaging me on this platform as well!

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