3-2-1 Liftoff!


If you’ve ever launched something, whether it is a basketball shot, a new business, or the 2 Liter bottle rocket for your kid’s science project, you know the arc of senses one feels in each attempt to succeed as we let go of our security and send the object into motion to be acted upon by natural forces.

The amount of work, love, time, care we put into our creations is enough to scare a majority of the world from creating in the first place.

It is said that Hitler, who majored in Art, was so scared to face the blank canvas, he found it easier to start a war than actually enter his studio and paint! (Pressfield, “The War of Art”

But the launch…well that’s the scariest part of all.  Self-doubt and questions fly through our brains:

“What if it doesn’t succeed?” 

“What if it is criticized?” 

“What if it’s not complete and perfect?!”

It all comes back to one thing: Ego.

The fear of what others might say, think, or feel about our creation has kept most artists from ever sharing their work.

Yet the final piece in the ICM Process is MAGNIFY.  That is to MAGNIFY Your Promise.

Your Promise to the world to share that which you are, have created, and will gift to all – straight from your soul.

Marty McFly would then profoundly state: “Whoa, that’s heavy.”


This past Tuesday was Launch Day for my book, “The Promise To The One”, after years of thought, prep, writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and all else a launch requires.

It is now in a completely different phase: Mission.

Yes, just because the launch has happened doesn’t mean it’s the end – nope, it’s only the beginning.

To proudly proclaim that I received an excited call from my publisher announcing we had a successful launch would sadly not be the case.  In fact, after 2 days I finally had to reach out and ask if things were going according to plan.

No best-selling lists, no great news, no word really…just that it is available and had a few sales, a few new reviews, but nothing noteworthy in the publishing sense.

That was sobering to realize, I was really hoping for a bit more to be candid – and yet, we continue forth!

However, just by the looks of things online, I have to say, a ton of my friends, peers, family and clients came through in a BIG WAY to share, talk about it, and even help in any way they could, be it liking every comment (I’m looking at you Michelle McCullough, Denyse Millitello, and Heidi Totten) to purchasing every version of the book in eBook, Audible, and paperback (thank you Jason Lyle Black, Kris Barney, Becky Mackintosh and so many others I’m not sure how many to thank!).

I spent a few days in complete gratitude, my heart full, my joy overflowing due to so much support from those I love.

This whole week was a seminal moment in my career and life. 

In the months leading to the launch we had friends buying 100 copies for clients (thank you so much Peggy Larsen and Allie McDaniel), as well as 500 copies for event attendees (thank you Verl Workman!).

The fanfare of The Launch is officially over!  The book now floats into the universe and we pray it finds its sweet spot in the sky.  

We mostly send wishes to the ether that each person who opens the book will give it a chance, read a few chapters, and let it impact their life.

One person at a time.

That’s who it was written for.


The Promise To The One is about YOU. 

My question this week is: Are you willing to create something you’ve always been kind of afraid to, terrified it may not succeed to the level of your ego, and make the promise to finally launch?  

I Promise YOU, it’s worth it.


jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise



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2 thoughts on “3-2-1 Liftoff!”

  1. Love this. Love the book. You’re an inspiration to us all because you’re actually doing it. You’re in the arena, day in and day out, practicing what you preach… putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, living the promise. Congratulations on writing and shipping something really wonderful that will impact so many.

    1. Jeff, as a fellow “in the arena” peer and friend, I appreciate this acknowledgement so much from you, and hope you know I’m looking at you and inspired beyond words at all you do. Thank you!

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