Month: September 2022

Customer Service

Make A Wish

  A chronically ill child requests one person for their Make A Wish…and it’s you! Do you drop everything and go?   Do you talk

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The SHOW is Back!

“We don’t want a Speaker for our holiday party, we want someone to make us laugh, do entertainment, no business talk…just fun!”  Loud and clear,

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Gained The Weight Back

  “Burn all the videos”, I said, watching myself in disgust.  “No one will ever see these.”  In August 2021 I hired a video team

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  Yesterday I sent a post out about a very sad dream I had regarding our family dog. It was a devastating dream, and very

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The Promise of Pain

  No Pain, No Gain! That quote is always a fun one to consider. How hard do I push myself before it causes me so

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