The 11 Mile Walk To Work

Imagine if you had no choice but to walk, every day, 11 miles to your job?

To make matters worse, your shift begins at 4 A.M., and to add to it, you’re a single dad with a 14-month old daughter at home.

You keep The Promise to yourself and family and do what must be done.

But this post isn’t as much about keeping promises to yourself and family at home, as it is seeing what a Work Family can become.

In nearly every office there is that one person, whom everyone goes to with concerns about work, and then life, and becomes something of a motherly figure.

For Trenton Lewis, the faithful UPS worker in Little Rock, Arkansas, who trudged 11 miles to work before 4 A.M. every day, his second mother was his co-worker, Patricia “Mama Pat” Bryant.

When she found out Trenton had been walking to work for 7 months she did what anyone who considers a co-worker a part of their actual family does: rallied along with other co-workers and raised $2,000 for their friend.

Employee Engagement at the highest level.

Leadership in it’s purest form.

And they presented Mr. Lewis with a 2006 Saturn Ion.

Naturally, tears of joy and gratitude were shed, hearts were filled, and the work team quickly became solidified as a Work Family.



Do we see the human and personal needs of those we work with? 

Are we willing to do more than just send “thoughts & prayers” when prompt action is needed?

How can we take our co-workers and work team to the next level, and become brothers and sisters as a real Work Family?    

How would that shift in words and thinking completely change your workplace environment?


Many congrats to this UPS facility for making headlines when it is needed most, by keeping The Promise to the Work Family in a way that goes beyond a paycheck and becomes a true payday.


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Read the original story as reported by FOX40 Sacramento, CA


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4 thoughts on “The 11 Mile Walk To Work”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this story Jason. It is something I needed to hear as a leader of a team. I too have an employee that travels a great distance each day to work…a lot further than the rest of the team. He not only has a tough daily commute, but is going through some tough times at home as well. Your story inspired me to look at him with different eyes. Thank you for sharing this motivating story!

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