Son Saves Mom from Drowning

Son saves his Mom from drowning after she suffers a seizure!

A Mother, Lori Keeney, and son, 10-year old Gavin, were having a great morning swimming in their backyard pool.

Gavin got out to dry himself off, when he heard splashing and struggle, realized his Mom was in trouble, and jumped back into the pool to help keep her head above water.

She was having a seizure.

The child swam to her, wrapped his arms around Mom, and then swam over to the steps, holding his Mom up to keep her safe.

After about a minute, the Grandpa heard cries for help and came to everyone’s aid.

But had a young 10-year old Gavin not reacted immediately, things could have ended up much worse for his grateful Mother, Lori, who now calls her son her Hero.

What an amazing and uplifting story!

Enjoy the full story and video here at ABC News


What does this have to do with The Promise? 

Usually this kind of story is the other way around.

Mom hears child in a struggle and leaps into water/lifts burning car/shields child from attackers.  Always inspiring stories of amazing mothers doing superhero things.

I love that this boy, in this case, did what he knew needed to be done, even at the age of 10.

You would hope that any kid would do this, and yet, how often the child is either distracted, doesn’t know what to do, or is scared and freezes up.

Gavin ran and jumped in the water, doing all he could to help his mother. 

Over the past 8 weeks I have been in a major struggle due to my leg injury, and like usual, my Mom came to my rescue.

She literally dropped everything and moved into my house, staying awake day and night to make sure I have been cared for properly.

That’s her Signature Move.  

I have attempted to post about her heroics, but she’s the type who won’t allow it. Not even a photo of us on social media.  In fact, I may get in big trouble even talking about her here!

She serves in silence and has been at my aid for nearly every moment since my accident occurred.  

Even as our lives continued on, my wife and children have served and helped me greatly as well, but they’ve also been able to play out the summer months, and start school, and all that life with teens now entails, because my Mother patiently and selflessly keeps my head above water.

She lives The Promise every single day for her children.  

I don’t know if or when the opportunity will come that I will get to return the favor.

I have seen my Mother care for her Mother as she became sick and passed away over 25 years ago.

I have seen my Wife care for her Mother as she suffered liver failure, and then a transplant miracle saving her life, a story that may make its way to the mainstream news soon.

And yet, I don’t need to “wait” until my Mom is ill or in grave need, in order to serve her.

This past week I noticed her typing a very long email on her phone.  I asked if she wanted to use my computer.  She said she hadn’t used one in a while and just uses her phone.

As we talked I realized her computer hasn’t worked in a while…in fact, years!

Easy fix – we got her set up with an updated computer I had already in my home, and other technological needs updating what hadn’t been in her life, of which I didn’t realize she was without, as she uses her phone very capably, for most everything.

We sat for hours getting her all set up, forgotten passwords and old email recovery addresses…you know the drill…like wandering through an electronic minefield of logins and usernames and passwords, one wrong step can spell disaster!

She just messaged me yesterday, so grateful for the help with her having easier access to photos, emails, and even just the bigger screen to see everything has improved her life.  She thanked me as if it changed her world!

I read her message over and over, thinking wow, such a small thing that was so simple for me to do, and she is so grateful.  I responded how thankful I am for her, constantly caring for me, carrying me through this abyss and challenge at this time, and so many times prior.

It has been wonderful to see that we can help each other. 

The Promise in this case, and the story of Gavin saving his Mom from drowning, may be The Promise of:



Quick Reaction 

But then it also comes down to the most important of all:

The Promise of LOVE

A Mother loves her Son, and the Son loves his Mother.

When we realize we can help right this very second that’s a pretty cool feeling!

The Promise is to take action immediately.  

If you are able to right now, I would encourage you reach out via text, phone, Facetime, or maybe make an in-person visit, to see how you can help your Mom.

If that isn’t possible, perhaps there are Mother Figures in your life who have influenced and served you, who right now may need your help and rescue.

How can you Promise to come to her rescue today?  Because chances are, she’s come to your rescue many times prior.

Your turn to be like Gavin and jump in the water.

This is The Promise.

~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Promise Legacy Project Coach
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to Create Legendary Leadership through the Power of Commitment
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”



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2 thoughts on “Son Saves Mom from Drowning”

  1. My 95 year-old mom had a bad fall in a foreign country not too long ago. She didn\’t speak the language and wound up in a hospital there for several weeks. I found how quickly new connective tissue can grow between a mother and her daughter when the daughter serves in new ways. Loving her through service was my great privilege and gives me new light into our relationship. Thank you Jason for bringing this back to my heart. You deserve a wonderful mother like her and she has a wonderful son in you.

    1. Mindy, this is such a powerful comment and description. Thank you for taking the time to share, and thank you for your support and kind words!

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