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The rare appearance of Jason Hewlett’s One-Man Show of Entertainment and Emcee offerings


You’ve found a secret page.
For nearly 2 decades Jason has performed his One-Man Show of Comedy, Music, and Impressions for audiences worldwide, yet has now refocused his efforts, videos, blogs, web site and entire career on delivering his Speech of The Promise, combining elements of his Show with a Message.  
But you just want ENTERTAINMENT! 
You’ve found the right place.  
The video below is not a 2020 video, and we are not promoting that he offers the Show anymore, but this will give you a taste of the material Jason offers in his hilarious One-Man Show.  Laugh, laugh hysterically, and laugh more.  
If this is the version of performance of Jason you want, know this: Jason takes these calls directly and determines upon consultation with his family if he wants to do them on a per need basis (due to the injury this show physically incurs on his body and voice)
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Jason only allows 3 companies per year to use him as a multi-day Emcee. The physical toll is just too much, the planning and prep to customize too taxing, and the companies that hire him as such will demand his return for at least 3 years or more.

Once he becomes your Emcee you will have a hard time doing the conference without him there.

Jason as your Emcee is the equivalent to having the best of Keynote Speakers, the best of Entertainment, and the #1 Trainer who teaches emcees worldwide how to be Emcees. He is considered the top Emcee in the corporate market worldwide because of his triple threat skillset on stage and his experience as an Event Planner/Producer off stage.

There is no current highlight video created to show what he does in this capacity, although you can watch videos at THIS LINK to get an idea of how his professionalism, performance, and creativity keeps things light, on time, and highlights your leaders and those he brings on stage, connecting the entire conference through laughter, dance, engagement, all while having him also double as event producer backstage and in your planning, ready to step up to fill in for any Speaker, Entertainer, or needful duty.