Your 2019 New Years Resolutions (Come March…)

My Daily Stairclimber Ritual


Who is still hitting the gym by March?

Come on my friend, you’ve got this!

New Years Resolutions are usually dead and gone come the first week of March.

In January there is literally never a spot at the gym parking lot, come March I can drive right into the lobby it’s so empty.

Hope you’re hanging in strong.

Here’s what I’ve found about my relationship with resolutions, goals, and these commitments: Mine are never strong enough to keep going.

A goal that is set and missed can always be re-set.

A goal also seems to have a deadline.  As in: Once it’s hit, I AM DONE!

Many goals are able to be accomplished and some people are capable of still trudging out in the cold, snow, even before 5 AM to do their committed work-outs, or to stop eating sugar for 2 months, or to be more focused in the office and stay off Facebook…

However, eventually those goals wear off, or we simply snap and eat the entire bread basket at dinner out with friends and next thing you know you are laying in bed cursing the ceiling fan with your pants unbuttoned, knowing you will not be able to tie your shoes in the morning.

This is all experience talking here, my friend.  Brutal.

At some point a goal just doesn’t last, and it must be converted to a promise.

The Promise to The One.

Remember, The One is YOU.

It has been fascinating to me to no longer feel I have the choice to work out daily, it has become a part of what I do, a Promise that is no longer justifiable to be broken.

A promise in this instance isn’t burdened by some deadline, rather it’s just what we become and naturally do.

I love that I’ve given myself permission to keep this daily Promise.

I feel better, look better, have greater clarity, and am cranking out some of my best work ever while living my best life.

Will I eat sugar again?  Sure!  I just won’t eat the whole cake, and the brownies next to it, as well as the ice cream in the freezer by myself while binging on Netflix.

Making a Promise rather than a resolution means a great shift in mindset.

Resolution comes from the word resolve.  If I have a resolve to do something I feel that’s like a guilt-laden, tail between my legs, guess I oughta, shoulda, here we go, oh well.

Goals are levels achieved, a score in a game, a mark that is hit or missed.

A Promise is uncompromising.

A Promise is the highest level of engagement we commit to in any experience.

Pretty soon our lives are made up of Promises we keep for ourselves, to live greater, to a new space of fulfillment.

When we make and keep Promises to ourselves it translates across the board:

  • in our ability to be trusted by those we interact with at work and home
  • in our level of capability to handle those duties that must be accomplished
  • in our Leadership as team member, family member, community member

What are your Promises come March 2019?  This is your chance to step it up.  Why wait until “The New Year” to do so, when this is a new day, a new life, a new chance?

Exercise to Consider: Open Your Journal – list all resolutions, goals, commitments and promises.

Then write next to them what you define each as, between GOALS and PROMISES.

Hint: Much of this has to do with the timeframe in which things must be done! 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of mine:


Write 2 Blogs for the week * Promise

Get Emails sent for Church assignments in scouts and young men’s activities * Goal

Schedule practices for my son’s Jr. Jazz team * Goal 

Sales calls and emails up to date * Goal

Prep next week’s event details (logistics, powerpoint, bits) * Goal

Daily Workout on Stairclimber * Promise

Connect with each Family member on a 1-1 basis Daily * Promise

Update social media daily * Goal

Pick up my daughter from dance * Promise

Web Site re-write sent to Team by Wednesday * Promise

Celebrate my wife’s Birthday * Goal


Can you imagine me not celebrating my wife’s birthday with less than a promise?  I’d be dead.

Sometimes a goal just isn’t strong enough, where a Promise is demanded.


These are just simple examples, but this is my life and business all mixed together.

Goals are Particulars, Promises are Proclamations. 

What are your Promises?



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