Would You Stop to Help?

Truckers help Utah Highway Trooper on I-15


I admit it.  I’ve driven around accidents, messes, situations I’ve seen on the freeway, side streets, in canyons, and looked over to see if anyone was helping, assessed the damage, and….kept on driving.

I don’t like the fact that is what I’ve done in the past.

And at the same time, I’ve committed to not having that feeling as much as possible whenever I can be of help if ever the chance arises.

If you follow my work and posts, you know I come across quite a bit in my travels, and have the opportunity of helping those in need often.

It has become a Promise I live by, perhaps due to the feeling of NOT stopping to help in the past, and so now I stop pretty much every time I see something.

The decision to stop and help only comes by way of remembering the commitment I made to anyone in need as a result of the lingering feeling from when I haven’t.

How do you come to your Promises?

The story of 2 Truck Drivers stopping on a 75-MPH freeway in my home State of Utah inspired me.  This is the kind of story we need to talk about, the type of news I want to highlight.

Truckers do this stuff often.

They live on the road.

They are an unspoken Team.

The story goes that a man was wandering (see: WALKING!) out into oncoming traffic in a high-speed zone.  A Highway Patrolman faithfully jumped from his car to save the walking and confused man from harm’s way.  Next thing he knows, Trooper is on the ground wrestling the walking man.

To the rescue come the Truckers.  They stop, block traffic, run to the rescue of the Highway Patrolman, get things under control, keep everyone safe, and hop back into their trucks to keep on rolling after all is taken care of.

It took less than a minute.  On a highway that’s a LONG TIME.  But it’s a minute of heroism not only for the officer involved, but for these Truckers.

That’s The Promise.

I strive to live that way.

Have you ever had an experience like this one?

Read the story, watch the video, brought to us by KSL 5, and be blown away, even moved by these Truckers keeping The Promise, by the tears from a Trooper for their help, and rethink:

How committed am I to helping those in need? 

Even if that means stopping on a high-speed interstate to assist someone who serves.

What’s Your level of Promise?


jason hewlett 

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The Promise


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