Why You Want Recommendations Before You Buy

Kim O'Dell, The Amazing Event Planner of MUG 2016

Kim O’Dell, The Amazing Event Planner of MUG 2016

Before you head out to grab a bite to eat at a new place you probably, like me, Google reviews, ask your trusted network on Facebook to see if it’s worth it, and whatever you read is generally what you’ll do.  Good Review: Let’s Go!  Bad Review: Send the In-Laws.

Having an Event Planner say a few nice things backstage about your Speech, Show, or Emcee work is really fulfilling.  Sadly, that’s usually where it ends, as asking them to say it in the camera can turn awkward and brutal as they struggle to recreate the magic of what they just eloquently said.  But having them actually write it down, send it to you, and then verify it on the eSpeakers Marketplace, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Last week I had the privilege of doing what I do best: Opening Keynote Speaker in the morning and Evening Entertainment to close the event.  The group was ecstatic.  Said it was the best convention in 35 years. Not because of me, but because it was in Clearwater, FL.  But maybe I had a little to do with it turning out good.

I have been told by event planners that it is confusing to think how someone could be so good at entertaining, and also somehow have a good message of content, relevance, and actual business ROI for their keynote speaker slot.  I get it, that’s tough to grasp, so I put together a video showcasing a nice example of how I combine both worlds into unforgettable teaching points that will make you laugh and learn all at the same time.

I was booked through American Program Bureau, an incredible bureau I’ve never had the chance to work with prior, although they had pitched me a few times to others, I have found that I am a tough sell.  They persisted and recommended me to Kim O’Dell, who is a professional meeting planner for events such as the MUG Conference, and had considered many speakers and entertainers instead of me.  She said the following things about the event and my participation in it.  I’m grateful to share this with you, as it’s important to know what you’re buying before you try it, or you may get food poisoning, or worse, have an event everyone doesn’t care to come to next year.

“Let’s just say that the pressure is on for next year, as everyone has been commenting that this conference was probably the best they have ever attended! While I appreciate your great performance, you’ve really left me in a tough spot to fill your shoes next year!

I was pleasantly surprised how much better you were as a Speaker than your video portrayed. It’s hard to tell if someone will be good regardless of how good a video or web site is, but I loved your Keynote more than expected. The more I researched your web site and social media the more I realized you would have a very good message for our group, not just be entertaining, and it exceeded my expectations with great points to think about.

As an event planner for the past 24 years, I’m not afraid to say that I can be hard to impress. I have booked Past Presidents, Astronauts, Motivational Speakers, Sports Celebrities, Magicians, and Drum Corps so I’ve seen my fair share of presenters. If you want to look like a “Rock Star” to your Clients, Board of Directors and Conference Attendees, you MUST book JASON HEWLETT! I have never been more impressed, and received such an overwhelming response about a performance. His presentation, delivery, musical interpretation and comedic timing WOW’d the audience! Two weeks after the conference and members are still talking about him! 
I cannot wait to book him for other clients I work with! HE KILLED IT!

What amazed me was that, for a Keynote Speaker, you had 100% audience engagement at such an early hour in the day, and with people who are generally not of the personality type to high-five, run around doing chicken wings, interacting, laughing, and dancing along. It was so wonderful to see them having such a great time, and you made that happen. Thank you!

More people told me this was their best event in 35 years. It turned out amazing. You had a giant impact with this event and members are still talking about you weeks after your performance.”


Thank you Kim!  You are amazing.

If you want to read more reviews on how your event can turn out awesome, please check out my web site and watch more videos of me as Speaker, or go to eSpeakers.

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