Why Would We Choose You?


Fall 2007, in our neighborhood there were no less than 100 Realtors living in a 250 home radius!  No joke.

Who to choose among them?

Actually, we chose none of them when we listed our home, although all were capable and even friends of ours!

Instead, we went with someone I trusted implicitly, knew was aggressive, but also fair, and would not let up until our home was purchased.  I called him The Hunter.  He went for the kill.

He sold our home at our desired price so fast, in fact, that we regrettably had to pull the plug on the deal because we couldn’t secure the home we were after!

Our Realtor delivered on The Promise of his Signature Move.

Why would I not choose a neighbor and friend?

Why would someone do business with you instead of someone else?

Digging deeper, why would someone choose to spend the rest of their life with you over another?


How are you a Legendary Leader? 



In last week’s post we addressed STEP 1: IDENTIFY your Signature Move, those things which differentiate us from the competition.

(If you aren’t sure what your Signature Move is, you’re not alone, read that blog and do the powerfully insightful exercise before reading further.)


Now we move to STEP 2: CLARIFY.

This process is fascinating, as we refine the identifying step at another level.

If you did STEP 1 then you have your Top 10 identified traits from your perspective.


Now, do the following for STEP 2: CLARIFY = Refine & Gathering the Perspectives of Others

  1. Ask those you trust and work with in your business, on your team, even those you manage and lead, what your greatest strengths are in their opinion.  Do this also with a few clients you have worked with consistently, those you have a connection and relationship with. You can do this in person, on a call or email. (Don’t respond negatively or questioningly, just say Thank You.)
  2. Ask your family, friends, associates outside of work what makes you unique in their opinion.  Best to do this via text, email, or direct message on Facebook.
  3. This one’s The Ringer – if you do this you will learn more about yourself and your business than all others – Reach out to a few prospects & leads who were past clients that have never worked with you again and went somewhere else, as well as to a few that have never done business with you.  Brace your ego, but accept what they say.


Now you have an incredible list of traits that others see in you!

Most likely, you are noticing others see traits in you that you have never noticed or considered in yourself!  This is powerful and game-changing information for every Leader to have.

Compare your Top 10 list from Step 1, and study the list from Step 2.

Where is the overlap?  What connections are you seeing?  Is there an overriding theme? 

As you compare you will see what it is that truly makes you unique as a Leader, as a human being, as someone who adds value to business, the community, the world and your life at home.


When we bravely do STEP 2: CLARIFY as a part of our self-discovery, rapidly you will open your eyes to what makes you Stand Out, and this gives you firepower to be more effective at work, in your position, a greater leader in every aspect of life.

In my Keynote Presentations at Leadership Conferences, this process is illustrated in entertaining and music stories, such as the refining of a young singer named Reginald Dwight discovering what ultimately created the legendary duo of Bernie Taupin as lyricist and Reginald becoming Sir Elton John as the new name and star.

Similarly, how Legendary performers such as Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Frankie Valli, and many others, refined the process enough to become the Leaders of their industries.

How did Abraham Lincoln win the office of President as a virtual unknown?  STEP 2 created “Honest Abe”.

How did Michael Jordan win so many championships?  After his first three he retired from basketball, and upon returning literally willed his teammates to come to his level to win three more.  In a classic story, Jordan got in a fist fight with teammate Steve Kerr in practice, and as Coach Phil Jackson recalled, “It was the point in which this connection was made, in which the players understood that we have to care more about each other than just our own careers or how we’re doing. This is more about our team.” 

STEP 2 was a refining moment when Jordan began sharing Game Winning opportunities with others, creating a family of his teammates in the process, and solidifying his greatness as a Legendary Leader who not only could make any game winning shot, but would allow others he trusted to do the same.



What is STEP 3?  Magnify = Leverage.  Once you understand and accept that which makes you incredible you now must PROMISE yourself and your company to live your Signature Move as a Legendary Leader.  We will discuss this next week.

This process will transform your business and life.

But it takes work.

Are you willing to do the work to win in business and life?



~ Jason 

Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world.  His primary message, The Promise, is the philosophy for “Creating Legendary Leaders”, meaning every person in your organization is a Leader.  His presentations are intended to provoke you, not just inspire.  You will be entertained by one of the most celebrated performers of the past 20 years in Jason’s uncanny performance of music and comedy, while equally discovering your personal differentiator, uniqueness, leadership qualities, and how to improve workplace enjoyment while driving sales to legendary heights.  jasonhewlett.com

Please click here to learn about how Jason Hewlett, Speaker Hall of Fame, introduces the opportunity for you, or someone you love, to have the gift of learning how to create a Career From the Stage and begin moving toward fulfilling a lifelong dream as a full-time speaker, performer, or entertainer.


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4 thoughts on “Why Would We Choose You?”

  1. Great formula for success.
    1. Define your best attributes/skills from your perspective
    2. Have others define how they see you as a person/leader
    3. Leverage yourself from the combined list of #1 & 2.

    Brilliant! Thank you Jason.

    1. Glad you like it my friend! You have certainly identified, clarified and magnified yours! Fun teaching others how to realize theirs. Miss you brother!

  2. What, specifically, would be the question or questions to ask past clients or those who I’ve never worked with? I’m working on the action steps for “clarify” but I’m hung up on exactly what to ask those who I used to work with. Thanks for all the information! I’m enjoying this process!

    1. Great question Christi, Thank you for asking. What I’ve asked that has helped me clarify things are as such: What initially made you decide to hire me? What made me stand out from the competition? Please be candid and tell me what was the deciding factor in not hiring me again? Was it a change in product, pricing, or something in my office which made the difference? These questions have led me to many new discoveries about why clients leave and what they see are my Signature Moves. Some of it has stuck and helped change things, other parts have made me realize I need to move on. Hope that helps!

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