Where It All Began: Kauai, HI

Overlooking the breathtaking Na Pali Coast of Kauai at Waimea Canyon



Raptor loose in Kauai!


I guess you could call me a sentimental guy.

Here I am, one hour left before I fly away from beautiful Kauai Island, but I’m here in Lihue, where pretty much a lot of my career creativity began.

Back in March of 2000, we came here with my parents who cashed out all of their Marriott points and gave each of my siblings and I our own special room.

My clock would never change.  I couldn’t figure out why I could not sleep, but I took advantage of the time and would walk along this beach every night for the entire trip for almost a week and a half as I created my entire act, my show.

In that time I put together what would become staples of my act for years to come, including the Jim Carrey Subway routine, the Bee Gees parody, the Chipmunks, and I figured out how to create a show out of what I have been blessed with for my talents.

It was here that I first leveraged my Signature Moves.

This place is very special to me and it was the last trip that I ever took with my paternal family, and within a year I was engaged to be married to the beautiful Tami.

It’s amazing to think that here I am, 18 years later, having just done a wonderful and life-changing type of event for the Million Dollar Round Table as their Emcee, Entertainment, and even filled in for a MIT Professor who fell ill, and to think that the place where I created it is right here, it’s very special to me.

I have brought my family here many times and this is a very, very special place for our family.

You remember that one post, seeing Tami at Target, we celebrated that Christmas in 2015 here at our friend’s, the Haroldson’s house, Mark and Kimberly let us use their beautiful home.

I’m just very grateful today. I’m sentimental I guess, but it’s a special place to me and I just thought I’d share a few thoughts about how cool it is when it comes full circle.

We should always promise to remember where it all began and be grateful for those incredible memories and the inspiration they served when it was so needed.

Beautiful Kauai.


~ Jason 

Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world.  His primary message, The Promise, is the philosophy for “Creating Legendary Leaders”, meaning every person in your organization is a Leader.  His presentations are intended to provoke you, not just inspire.  You will be entertained by one of the most celebrated performers of the past 20 years in Jason’s uncanny performance of music and comedy, while equally discovering your personal differentiator, uniqueness, leadership qualities, and how to improve workplace enjoyment while driving sales to legendary heights.  jasonhewlett.com

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2 thoughts on “Where It All Began: Kauai, HI”

  1. Always a good reminder. Mine is going home to Elkhart Indiana. Taking in the surroundings always reminds me of the distance I have traveled. I am not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be.
    Thanks for the thoughtful reminder.

    1. Love it. Elkhart sounds like a great place to get things going. Congrats on all you have done and become. You certainly are a light in this world my friend!

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