When Billy Joel Didn’t Play The Piano Man

We’ve all been there:

In the audience when a promise was made and then blatantly broken to us.

  • The Boss who lured you to the new job with promise of promotion and more free time, only to see your climb up the ladder stopped as the workload fills your days off;
  • The Contractor you hired to fix your home with a promise of never needing to do the repairs again, only to later find corners were cut, the job poorly done, and will now cost you double;
  • The Performer whose hit song you went to the concert to hear, who promised they’d always play the classics, and then decides tonight the audience won’t be enjoying the song you came to sing along to.

Promises are made and broken at a rampant pace, and even if the experience is magical (see: incredible concert of 38 hit songs played!), when the promise is broken (see: wait, he didn’t play that one song!) we only remember the part that let us down.

I went to a Billy Joel concert and that happened to us.

Billy Joel had 39 Top 40 hits in his career.

This night he played 38 of them…and then left the stage without playing, yes, you guessed it, “The Piano Man”.

The Piano Man didn’t play The Piano Man!?

Broken Promise.

We were freaked as an audience.

What did we do?

Check out the video to find out.



And if you’ve been in this audience before, what do you expect from the promises made to you – even when they’re not outright made to you?

I mean, truly, no performer ever made the promise to only sing the hits – but they always end up singing the hits, because they know the audience wants THAT song – and then the performer becomes Legendary Leaders in the industry.

What type of performance are you giving to those that attended in order to see something they’ve come to expect in the experience with you?

That’s your promise, whether you like it, know it, accept it, or not.

That’s engagement, that’s leadership, that’s connection, that’s honoring your customer: The Audience.

What’s your Promise to your audience, and are you making them beg to enjoy your Signature Moves and signature songs, or are you keeping The Promise and delivering every single time?



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