What Does A Virtual Presentation Look Like?

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“How on earth can your performance of music, comedy, and The Promise still work on a camera or ZOOM call vs. LIVE in-person?”

This is the huge question every person continues to ask me.

Truth is: It works in many different ways and it’s very special!  

Over the past 8 weeks the only presentations I have done are in a VIRTUAL situation, this one in particular from my house!  WOW.  It’s a miracle really.

I am officially in the Virtual Event Speaker category, which is the most searched term on Google for speakers these days!

You may have seen by now the setup in my home office…so now, how does it look on the actual screen for the viewer?

What I am including here is a portion of a recording from a ZOOM call with my daughter’s school where I was the the closing speaker of the school year for the teachers.

If you choose to see how well this works as a presentation and performance, you are free to skip around through the different timestamps outlined and see a few of the elements that make VIRTUAL so special, such as:

  • CHAT Feature – for Attendees to share their thoughts and I can read and respond to them in realtime!
  • Music Performance that works!
  • Sharing PowerPoint slides
  • Capturing and Sharing Pre-Recorded segments integrated into the LIVE Performance aspect
  • The ULTIMATE in Customization
  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Sound Effects to compensate for audience reaction (applause, laughter, crickets)
  • Lighting, Sound, Connection dialed in!

Equally, I’d love to do this for your company, team meeting, any type of group you are looking to entertain, raise morale, create something custom and special to bring a smile, and to discuss The Promise during this forthcoming summer.

Hope you’ll take a minute to check it out –

:04 Intro from Principal

:54 My request of the Attendees to type in the CHAT feature to share their thoughts

3:21 The Bee Gees “Stayin’ Alive” parody

5:15 Sharing the Instagram post of Yellow Quarantine parody by the School’s amazing Assistant Principal, Mr. Brooks

7:23 Bob Dylan “Mr. Quarantine Man” parody

9:44 Difference between my on stage in Office vs. on stage in an Arena

11:28 Virtual Studio Tour

17:37 Field Trip to The School: Pre-Recorded Custom Video


I’m very proud of how this turned out.  And each one just gets better.  I would love to do the same with your next event need.  Contact me and let’s set it up to make it happen.


jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise


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