View From The Top of The World

Jason Hewlett at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah


What makes you HAPPY?

I think of that zone I get in when work is just flowing, I’m cranking out emails, finishing To-Do lists, projects delivered and ready to be published;

Moments cruising down the highway in the RV as I look in the rearview mirror and see my children playing a game with Mommy with the open road ahead of us;

How about those times when you know you’re doing what you should be doing – eating healthy and clean, working out, feeling great, sunshine on your shoulders and it makes you happy.

What are those times for you?

How do you capture them?

Can you share them with those you love?

Can you utilize them to inspire those you Lead and work with?

I want to bring a smile to your face like this brought to me.

Of course, it’s not the same if you’re not there with me, but video will have to do for this one, coming from the top of Brighton Ski Resort in Sandy, UT.



Perhaps in the future you want to join me on top of this mountain?

As The Promise Institute continues it’s roll-out to the world, we will introduce little snippets of what will be offered to leaders who want to come join me in Utah as the world continues opening up (or we’ll go to other incredible locations), where we will enjoy views like this together as we discuss The Promise and how it can both multiply your leadership output at work and even more in your soul.

We are working on life-changing stuff, my friends – more to come.

Enjoy the video above and the unreal view!

Your Promise Prompt:

Share with us, in the comments, some of the simple/big things that make you HAPPY!

Have a Promise filled week.

~ jason


Promise Institute Co-Founder * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”

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8 thoughts on “View From The Top of The World”

  1. Who the heck was running the video with you on the chair lift and then getting off??????? The view was beautiful. Excited to know more about the Promise Institute. Love your live speaking demo . Will watch the other later,
    Prayers continue for Diane.
    Spring is coming to Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY@@@@!
    Blessings, Louise

    1. I was filming, and it was a little irresponsible fun. Thank you for all of your kind comments always.

  2. WOW! Beautiful 🙂 Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment. Makes me wish I could ski! Also makes me wonder what it would be like if you were belting out an impression at the top of your lungs the whole time you were skiing down the mountain!! haha hmm…

    1. hahahahaha! We will have to see if or when that video ever surfaces. It was great catching up with you my friend.

  3. YES, we are very lucky to live where we do and there is nothing better than skiing UTAH mountains on a sunny day. Thanks for sharing…… YIPPY SKIPPY!

  4. Wow, takes me back a few years before a lot of aches and pains… Thanks for sharing, I needed that happiness!

    1. Haha! I love it up there but need to get up on that mountain much more! And yes, aches and pains abound…now!

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