The Speaker’s Promise Amid Panic

Jason Hewlett Full Gear Afghanistan 2014
This past week I received multiple calls from clients asking if they were to move forward with still having their event, due to the COVID-19 and Coronavirus outbreak, will I still be willing to come and speak?
I was shocked by the question as to whether or not I’d be there, as I didn’t think that was an option.
I understand, and sympathize, with those events that feel the need to cancel, as well as those speakers who feel they need to bail out as well.
However, this is my response to one client specifically, and I’ve just copied exactly what I wrote them.
If I’m on your schedule to speak at your event, know this pertains to you, as well.
This is The Speaker’s Promise.
Military Show 2014 Bagram, Afghanistan
Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to be one of your Speakers in Austin, TX on March 30, 2020.
Due to the latest announcements of cancelled events throughout the country and world I wanted to send this quick email letting you know of my commitment to be there for your event.
I’m All In.  100%.  Know this is My Promise to You and Your Event.
In 2014 I flew into a war zone in Afghanistan and performed for nearly a month with a vest and helmet on, bombs going off in neighboring cities, the Taliban shooting at our helicopters as we flew from base to base.  We did our best to keep the Troops inspired and entertained in a time of great need, fear and panic.  Thankfully we survived and made it home safe.
The Military asked why we still came amid such fears, and when other speakers and performers had cancelled.
The answer was simple:
We keep The Promise to always show up and deliver.
I feel the same about your event.
I’ll be there, and am happy to discuss with you any concerns you have about moving forward, as we can create options that will still work no matter your decision.
But just so you know, as you confidently move forward with your event – I’m there.
That’s my Promise to you.  And anything more you need keep me posted.
Thank you for choosing me.  See you in Austin in a few weeks!
Your Friend & Speaker,
Jason Hewlett
Speaker Hall of Fame * Author * Leadership Expert
Full Gear Afghanistan 2014 Showtime


Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise

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