The Promise to The Family


I’ll never forget the moment I realized I was the ultimate hypocrite.

On a Daddy-Son Day with my then 3-year old boy, Romney, as I posted a photo on Facebook of us having a great time on our first outing just he and I,  it occurred to me the very thought:

This is what my wife was talking about.

Am I being present in this moment?

Or have I distracted myself from The Present miracle in front of me, a boy I could be watching on a slide, having the time of his life, as I’m looking down at my phone…

With a quick DELETE of the post I then made a choice – to delete the APP and distraction – that thing which connected me to the world but just as quickly disconnected me from my family, and as the app wiggled it’s last attempt to not say farewell, I forcefully said goodbye to Facebook on my phone.

And then I looked up, there he was, top of the steps of the slide, looking at me.

If you’ve heard this story then you’ve been in my audience at a presentation of The Promise.

I have been told by some that this moment during my speech changed their life in an instant.

How grateful I am that my vulnerability and weakness as a Dad could be the conduit to a stranger becoming a lifelong Promise messenger and devotee.

No longer just a “Goal to be a better Dad”, but instead the Promise “To Be The Kind of Dad Any Kid Would Want To Have!”

I knelt down, my son’s eyes met mine, as he rushed into my arms with the question, “Can we play?” 

“Yes”, I said, “let’s play”.

Truth is, I’d forgotten how.

If you, as a parent, grandparent, and family member of any kind, no matter what your definition of FAMILY might be, and regardless of what you feel you lack in terms of definable Signature Moves, let me make this easy on you:


Give the gift of your time, attention, love.

There is no time greater than now, to notice, to admire, to forgive, to take advantage of this moment.

The Promise is to Be Present.

Enjoy this video and reminder of your Promise to your Family today.



~ jason 

Leadership Expert * Author * Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer

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