The Promise to Start Again

Never thought I’d show anyone this photo…not due to the face but…other reasons

I’ve been hounded by a weight problem for the past 20 years.

Hounded may be an understatement.

Try: All-Consumed.

I start diets, then suffer and sweat my way through an intolerable pain until I finally see some results and then – BAM! – the weight comes right back when I have a relapse and completely snap under the pressure of trying to keep the strict effort intact.

I have tried everything and it always results in disappointment.  I have lived the Broken Promise Cycle that says, “You broke your promise to yourself, and you must now face the consequences.  Here’s the 20 lbs you just lost plus an extra 10!

You are a loser.”

Pretty sad self talk for a motivational speaker.

It has only been the past few months that I have found the secret to my challenge: Forgiveness.

It is the power of forgiving myself for feeling bad about how I look, forgiveness for my thoughts I must be perfect, and simply (sometimes painfully) embracing who I am.

It is a Promise I have made to Start Again.

Instead of unreasonable restrictions that I cannot maintain, no matter how motivated for spurts at a time, it is the love of health in new habits, and occasionally enjoying something I’d like to eat, even if it’s not high on the healthy scale.

What is the result?

The longest I’ve gone in 20 years at the same weight range that I feel happy with and I love the lifestyle that is created, easy to maintain, and includes a simple workout every day, eating what & when I feel is best for my body (see: sanity).

I like myself a lot more, and am loving my life.

I have forgiven myself of impossibility, of what others have said, and mostly what I’ve told myself far too long.

So often we fall off the wagon of our ideals and assume the position of defeat, deflated by our weakness, self-deception that we equal nothing, and wave the white flag of giving up.

Promise yourself today that you will Start Again.

Pick yourself up and keep going.  Just because you broke the promise, ruined the routine, made a mistake, or heaven forbid haven’t found perfection, just Start Again.

Slept in?  Promise to Start Again.

Got sucked into negative thinking?  Promise to Start Again.

Missed the deadline you promised your boss?  Promise to Start Again.

Forgive yourself, embrace that it’s ok to be who you are, which is HUMAN, and please…

Promise to Start Again!



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12 thoughts on “The Promise to Start Again”

  1. Thank you for your post today!!! It really helped me to start forgiving myself. I thank Heavenly Father for people like you on this earth 🙂

    May the Lord bless you and your family!!

  2. I love it. Thank you! I have a lot of negative self talk I am working through and what Chris Farley would say is “a little bit of a weight problem.” I would love to hear what your eating lifestyle and workouts look like. Maybe a short summary? I appreciate your messages weekly!
    Sincerely, Ben

    1. Heather Cullimore

      You have figured out what I’m paying a nutritionist for… Idk why (we) I have this cycle also. It’s frustrating . And confusing and sad. But I’m proud of you for figuring it out! It’s all about the mental. I’m proud of you! You are AMAZING! Thank you for your posts ♥️

    2. Thank you Ben. Truth of the matter is I have found Intermittent Fasting to be my answer, and eating only during daytime hours. I don’t eat sugar much, but if I do I have a reason. Don’t drink a calorie. And I walk and walk and walk and do something to sweat for a workout daily. It’s worked for me. My best to you!

  3. In a world full of negativity, your positive message of forgiveness and optimism is so greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your challenge and your success!

  4. Thank you for this post. I read it three weeks ago and thought “what a nice message.” This week I broke a promise to myself and a fitness goal of mine wasn’t completed.
    I remembered this message and will start again. Really, no harm was done, missing two days was fine. But your message gave me strength. Thank you

    1. Adam, This makes me very grateful to hear that you came to this following a rough go. My best to you moving to the next phase and good for you.

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