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This is THE WEEK!

Years in the making, and we finally have all worlds aligned for the launch of my life’s work:

“The Promise To The One” 

The physical book arrives this Tuesday, August 18th!

The audiobook on Audible is available already!

The eBook has been available since May 13th to rave reviews!

And the VideoBook, Chapter 1, was released 2 weeks ago!

Thank you to everyone who has said great things about it, left reviews, told their friends, purchased a copy for yourself, gifted them to clients and peers…the whole thing is really quite overwhelming.

Want to join hundreds of my friends and help with the launch?  HERE is the info! 


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I’ll never forget the day I walked into AP English in 12th Grade.

It was the 3rd day of my being in the class.

So excited to learn how to write better, think clearer, and read faster, it was a tall order for me to be there, a risk I was pushing myself to accomplish and take on, but I was all in.

The teacher stopped me at the door.

“Jason, let me tell you something. 

You’re a nice young man, president of the student body, and I’m glad you wanted to take this class.  

But writing, creating, speed reading the Classics, and all that we will be doing…this isn’t for you.  

I’ve already moved you out of my class, you should go do study hall, or find something you have a gift for.   

I know you’ll find a better fit, but writing, and this class, isn’t for you.”

He turned and shut the door, as my peers peered through the glass pane, I’m certain they felt my pain at not being welcome to become the writer I knew I was.

This was The Founder of the school and the only class he taught.


We are all born to write, to create, to be artists.

To communicate!

To lead!

To express our greatness!

Someone just told us along the way that the drawing wasn’t great, the creation unimpressive, the writing not something you’re good at.

I have audaciously written a weekly and consistent blog for nearly a decade.

The writing improves, ebbs and flows, comes and goes, despite “writer’s block” and COVID and not having one minute to write some weeks…I still write.

I LOVE to WRITE.  I write pages upon pages in my Journal each week instead of seeing a therapist,  which also outlines my goals and promises for each day.


To write a book, and not just a PDF, white paper, or my own self-published attempt – BUT AN ACTUAL PUBLISHED BOOK – after being told as a kid you’re not a writer, is a cool accomplishment in my opinion.

Think of all of the things people told you that you couldn’t or shouldn’t do, and then you did it anyway.

Not in spite of that anti-seer, but because YOU had a vision for your own destiny!



Yes, this week for me is a lifelong goal, dream, and achievement.

I wrote “The Promise To The One” with the anticipation it would be self-published, and few may read it, as had happened with my other book attempts previously.

And I was ok with that.

Until people started reading the rough drafts and saying, “Jason, this should be published and everyone should read this.”

It still took convincing, as friends even had to shove me into meetings with publishers, I was so unsure of my writing.

Once I found the publisher I was really interested in working with they came back and said,

“We’re very interested in this book, but there’s one chapter you will have to remove if you want it to sell.”

“Which chapter do you mean?” I asked (knowing full well).

“Chapter 10, the one entitled, “God”, they revealed. 

“Oh”, I said, “I figured that may be a dealbreaker.  Honestly, I can’t have that book be published if that chapter is removed, without it the whole book isn’t complete, I feel it’s the most important part.” 

The Publisher smiled.

It was a test.

He said, “I agree.  And I hoped you’d say that.  And yes, we will lose sales in some circles, but this is the type of book we’re willing to jump all in with as long as you understand the risks, so do we.”  

I was stunned.

And now I’m a published author with Sound Wisdom, a most amazing publisher that has changed my life and allowed me to freely be the writer I’ve always known I am.


Thank you for supporting my writing.

I hope knowing this backstory inspires you to move forward with your dreams, goals, and the promises you’ve always wanted to keep.

And perhaps you can understand why I talk about the book so much.

It’s an actual dream come true.

And that is the ultimate Promise The The One.


Enjoy this video of the first time our family saw the book – even 7 months ago!


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The Promise


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