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How are you doing?

I hope this week was a good one and you made it through!

The past few weeks I’ve shared some very vulnerable and candid posts about what we are all going through with the pandemic, and in particular, my feeling of not being very essential at a time when that’s what’s needed.

Thankfully we have so many that are healthy and safe, and my prayers go to those who are suffering great challenges, while many workers are continuing to prove their essential jobs worthy of the title while helping!

In my quest to find what I can do to serve, give, and feel “essential”, as nearly all of my LIVE speaking events have been lost (even when we let them know we can do a Keynote Speech and still be entertaining, engaging and educational virtually as well!), I realized I AM an Expert at one thing for sure:

I have been a WFH (Work From Home) Parent for 20 years!

15 of those years with kids in the home.

And so, I determined I could do something with what I know… and a 30-Video, 24-Point Checklist Online Course was born!

Here’s the video talking about it:



Now – don’t go thinking this is like some snazzy, polished LinkedIn Learning course.  That it ain’t!

Yet, over the course of 48 hours I learned skills I never thought I’d obtain – recording, editing, creating PDF graphics and loading an entire 30-Video series into an online platform.

It was exhilarating and terrifying, exhausting and fulfilling.

And it’s FREE.

I shared this with the social media world this week already, but if you didn’t see it, here it is.

A few notes to be aware of when you visit the web site:

  1. Member Vault is not my actual web site, it’s a platform I trust and is so user-friendly that I chose this one in particular to have loaded the videos and content into, so I can’t really answer functionality questions (although if you have feedback please let me know).
  2. Some have been concerned they need to add in their name and email to gain FREE access.  I understand, but I also assure you that your information will not be shared, sold, or added to unwanted mailing lists – it’s simply the only way you can login.
  3. It is best viewed on a desktop.  Some users have told me they made it work on their iPad and phone, but others said those devices had challenges initially.  I would ask you to not give up if you try to login on a device other than a laptop and it doesn’t work perfect right away – it will eventually work if you try again most likely.

If you don’t need it, want it, or have time for it, please consider sending the information along to a friend and parent in need.  I feel what has been created is very helpful or I wouldn’t have given most of my working week to it.

Here’s the link:

In fact, outside of the writing of my book, “The Promise To The One”, I may have to say this is some of the best work I’ve ever created in my life.

I have also had a few peers who lovingly suggested I charge for this course.  I appreciate their thoughts and concern.

I created this in order to be helpful only.  I don’t feel at this time people are in a place to purchase anything that doesn’t keep them alive in a pandemic.

Equally, it has been recommended I offer a way for someone to send a Thank You or a “tip” if they find the information useful, as if I were a food truck on the side of the road who can’t sustain handing out food for no compensation and working for free forever.

And yes, that’s true, I can’t.  But darn it, I will try!  FREE Hot Dogs for Everyone!!!

Perhaps in the near future I will have created enough value in new ways (online courses, writings, recordings, subscriptions, coaching, etc) that opportunities will continue coming my way (since the only way I’ve ever known to make a living over 20 years – on stage in front of large gatherings – is officially gone!).

I guess I’m officially LIVING The Promise full-time and in overdrive at this point.  Hope you are, too!

Below:  You DO NOT want to miss the PDF’s created for the course (if you want to save them) and the 24-Point Checklist divided into 4 Categories:

Job, Family, Self and Community


(a few screen shots from the online course for your viewing pleasure)






Here’s what I sent out online on Friday, April 3, 2020 ~


CLICK HERE for your FREE Online Course

FREE New Online Course Announcement!

Who is a new WFH Parent in need of a few ideas for keeping the children on task, maintaining performance in your job, and keeping Promises to yourself?

I have been fortunate to WFH home for 20 years, with 15 of those surrounded by our children. We have even tried homeschool before! (keyword: tried 😂)

In the past 48 hours I created an online course called:

“The Promise of the WFH (Work From Home) Parent During COVID-19 & Coronavirus Quarantine”

It was made to help with some ideas, tools and strategies in your time of need. It is not polished – I did all of the filming, editing, and creation of it as fast as possible to serve the only way I know how in an arena I’m an expert in: WFH Life.

In this course, which is FREE, you’ll get my 24-Point Checklist covering 4 Categories: Job, Family, Self, Community. Videos accompany each point, or you can download the PDF’s and call it good.

I know you don’t have time for another To-Do added to your list, so do this if and or when you can, and feel free to share with anyone you feel may benefit. I know you can do the WFH Life, and look forward to you joining me in your efforts.

CLICK HERE for your FREE Online Course


~ Below are your PDF’s you can drag to your desktop, screenshot, or download







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The Promise

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