The Promise of The Utah Jazz


I’ve been a fan of the Utah Jazz my entire life.

They are what I call a Promise Keeping company.

Promises are kept when leaders know how to lead well and correctly.

Larry H. Miller and his amazing wife, Gail, led the team to great heights, and Gail continues on since Larry’s passing in taking the team to even new heights.

If you keep up to speed on current events you know the controversy that spawned a fan being banned FOR LIFE as of this past Monday night’s game, of which I attended as a guest of the team in now working with them on fan experience and The Promise of meeting expectations and performance during every aspect of the game.

Actions were uncalled for by the fan, and are unacceptable.

I applaud the Utah Jazz for taking quick action, addressing the problem, and reminding their audience (client and fan base) of their promise, what the expectations are at the arena, and if you are a Jazz Fan how you are expected to behave in the Utah Jazz home.

And then this.

Today I received in my email inbox the following letter from the team, Gail Miller, Owner, and Utah Jazz President, Steve Starks.

This is what Legendary Leadership is about.


They are putting on a clinic as to how leadership is done.

Here’s what I just received from them, and I applaud the Utah Jazz for leading the way once again.


Jazz Fans,

In light of recent events, we want to address fan behavior and how we choose to express the passion we all have for the Utah Jazz.

Whether it’s online through social media, at gatherings with friends and family, or at the arena on game nights, we help the world Take Note of our team. Because of this, we all have a shared responsibility to represent the Utah Jazz and the community in the right way.

The Utah Jazz will strictly enforce the NBA Fan Code of Conduct with zero tolerance.

We do not permit hate speech, racism, sexism or homophobia. We also do not allow disruptive behavior, including bullying, foul or abusive language, or obscene gestures. Violators may be subject to ejection and other penalties, including a lifetime ban.

If you see or hear anything that violates our standards, please say something. Report any violations to the nearest Guest Services or Security staff member. You can also use the arena text line (801-901-8111) and an arena representative will respond to address the matter.

Now, let us be clear: we want you to be loud. You’re the reason we have the best home-court advantage in the league, and we want to keep it that way. We have a unique arena that provides the crowd with close proximity to the court and an increased ability to affect the game. Players and coaches on both teams can hear you, and we expect all fans to respect them—as well as the game officials, arena employees, and other fans at the arena.

We all have a responsibility to respect the game of basketball and, more importantly, each other as human beings. This has always been a hallmark of our incredible fan base and should forever be our standard moving forward.

Gail Miller – Owner, Utah Jazz

Steve Starks – President, Utah Jazz



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