The Promise of Mentors

How do you TOP a year like 2016?  This has been one of those years that you dream about, where it seems all the stars align and you realize all the work you have been doing is finally taking shape and headed in the right direction.

The challenge with reaching a new level of success is keeping the promise to yourself that you are now going to outdo it all from here.  The other problem is finding a new tier of mentors who can relate to your current realm and offer to help you take it into tomorrow.

What is the Promise of Mentors?

It is to Mentor.

And somehow I’ve had 3 of the Top Mentors in the business reach out to me to ask how they can help, and it couldn’t have come at a more important time.


Daniel BurrusTop Rated Futurist Keynote Speaker – Hall of Fame Speaker 

Following my Keynote for the National Speakers Association in July, I was stopped in the hall by someone I have admired for years, Mr. Daniel Burrus, famous for his best-selling books and ability to guide the leaders of the world into deciding on a better tomorrow (literally, he meets with them in their offices worldwide). To my amazement, while others of lesser success were telling me how I ought to improve my presentation, Dan sat me down and talked with me for over an hour about how much he loved what I am doing, how it’s the future of presenting by adding in such a high entertainment value, and validating my efforts.  He then planned out strategies for my consideration to fulfill my dreams as a Speaker, positioning for my career, and how to better sell what I was doing.  It was mind blowing.

I have succeeded in life due to many blessings and wonderful people, but to have some of the world’s smartest in my corner doesn’t hurt, either.  Dan is in the highest echelon of most intelligent on the planet. Just read his blog, books, watch his videos, and you’ll see how mind-expanding he is.  But even though he’s in another galaxy from the rest of us in regard to brain capacity, he somehow beams us up to his level through his engaging personality, a laugh that is infectious, and encouragement that is transformative. Dan gave me the insights I needed and challenged me to take calculated risks at the essential time, and then followed up to see I did them.

Thank you, my mentor, Daniel Burrus!

Hanging out with Hall of Fame Speaker, Daniel Burrus, NSA July 2016
Hanging out with Hall of Fame Speaker, Daniel Burrus, NSA July 2016


Connie PodestaHall of Fame Speaker – Psychologist, Humorist, Trainer of Speakers

Over the past decade, when I have attempted to explain what I do as a Speaker, as opposed to Entertainer, with my clients, I have constantly come up against a few roadblocks:

  • Too unclear
  • What could you have to say that would make a difference, aren’t you “just funny”?
  • We need real ROI for a Speaker

And then they would drop the bomb, “Oh, we already hired the Speaker we’ve been after, her name is Connie Podesta, she will make us laugh, has the experience, and is all the things we are needing in a Keynote.”


Yes, Connie Podesta is an anomaly in the speaking world: Background in psychology, world-class trainer, executive experience, funnier over a cup of coffee than most comedian’s one hour specials on Netflix, experience in sales, management, and theater.  She is the perfect combination of business savvy, sock it to you truthfulness, an eye for what works, attitude that could make a grumpy New York cab driver do whatever she says, and lovable to the most crusty of tenured HR directors.

Connie and I had a long call, and then another long call, regarding my Keynote, The Promise, what she liked about it, what she didn’t think works yet, and instead of leaving it at that, gave me suggestions as to what would bring value to the client.  She then went over my web site, suggested paring it down (in fact she would suggest I edit this very paragraph about her), but I just have to say – she’s just plain awesomely helpful and hopeful for everyone’s success.

At NSA INFLUENCE in July 2016 she had a few minutes to wow the crowd with her best material.  She could have brought the house down just by doing any of her amazing Keynotes.  But no, she brought a new Speaker to stage, gave her the mic, gave her the standing ovation, and brought the house down anyway.  Yes Connie is a real Mentor, a legend, and she’s kind of like my new aunt, whom I know has my back but also the one I hope laughs at my stories at the next family dinner.

Thank you, my mentor, Connie Podesta!

Connie Podesta, Hall of Fame Speaker, on stage at NSA Influence 2016 sharing the spotlight with a new speaker


Mark SanbornGlobal Gurus Top 30 Leadership Speakers in the World – Hall of Famer

Yesterday I was on a flight and struck up a conversation with the guy seated next to me.  Eventually we talked about books we’ve read and loved, when he says, “My favorite one I’ve read is called “The Fred Factor”, changed my outlook on life and customer experience.”  When I said, “Oh!  Mark Sanborn!  He’s a friend of mine.  I was just at his office in Denver a few weeks ago”  The guy sort of looked at me questioningly.  So I showed him this picture below and he about had a heart attack.

Mark Sanborn, Best-Selling Author of The Fred Factor, Speaker Hall of Fame
Mark Sanborn, Best-Selling Author of The Fred Factor, Speaker Hall of Fame

Ah yes, Mark Sanborn.  The first speaker I ever heard at a National Speakers Association event (New Orleans) speak about “E to the Power of 3: What’s Your Expertise?”  I almost quit right after that speech knowing I could never amount to such a gifted, intelligent, witty presenter.   And then, a short 13 years later, I’m sitting in his office, as he is flying over his white boards adjusting how my presentation The Promise is absolutely the answer for my clients.

I sat there copying his notes and ideas down as fast as I could before he’d erase them and create more, like a wizard with Steve Jobs’ presence.  I didn’t know whether to shout Hallelujah, hide my face in my book from the tears welling up in my eyes, or just sit and pretend this was just a normal moment for me as he masterfully restructured my capacity to sell, articulate, and present this message that means so much to me.

Thank you, my mentor, Mark Sanborn!


Who are the Mentors that have influenced you?

Who are YOU the mentor to right now?

Within your Family, or the work team, it is your responsibility, your obligation, to see the greatness which surrounds you and choose those whom you will mentor.

You are the Leader.  You are the one who has scaled the mountain.  Time to reach back, lift one another, be that person who helps the excited sponge of attitude and never say die employee who will someday fill your role, teach them, coach, train, and MENTOR.

Mentors change our lives.   Who were yours that got you to this place, here and now?  Who are yours now? And who are you mentoring to keep it going?

Thank you to Daniel Burrus, Connie Podesta, and Mark Sanborn, my newest Mentors, legends in my industry and now my life.  I promise to pay it forward.

~ jason hewlett

Jason Hewlett, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, is a Keynote Speaker for the largest corporate events in the world. His primary message, The Promise, is essential for Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, Direct-Sales Companies, and is a combination of engagement and entertainment meets inspiration.  Jason has even received standing ovations from IT guys.  He has been acknowledged as life-changing by Conference Attendees, C-Level Executives and Hollywood Elite.

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4 thoughts on “The Promise of Mentors”

  1. Oh wow. Brilliant, my friend. The amazing Eileen McDargh has given me immeasurable support and guidance over the years. But as I read your words, I realize that maybe it’s time for me to go back to “learning mode” and request help for where I am right now. In terms of mentoring, there are several people I remain committed to help whenever and however they need me. I never designated a specific day of the week to do that, though. What a GREAT idea! Thanks!

  2. I am watching you as my mentor. 🙂 So glad to learn about these amazing people. Thanks for sharing this wisdom. I feel like quitting after my first public speech this summer, but this gives me more perspective.

    1. This is so kind of you Alecia, thank you for reading and reaching out. Don’t ever quit following a tough speech, that just means you’re that much closer to greatness! I hope you’ll keep me posted on how your progress goes!

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