The Promise of Change


I’m looking to buy a Subaru Outback“, I told the salesman, “and I have a trade-in.

He looked me up and down, “What kind of trade-in you got?

It’s an Escalade EXT, 26″ rims, black, I’ve washed it with a diaper daily for the past few years, it’s essentially brand new, beautiful, and will fly off your lot,” I confirmed.

Now he really looked at me crooked.  “You mean, you want to trade in an Escalade for a Subaru?  What happened, did you lose a bet?” he scoffed.  Laughter ensued as the other salesmen listened in, as it seemed I was being ganged up on.

I smiled, “Haven’t you ever wanted to make a big change, something that really shifts the way you live your life?” I asked.

He wasn’t buying it.  “I’m sure you’re just going through financial troubles, that’s all, no big deal, we’ve all been there,” he stated.

No, actually, things have never been better.  My Escalade is paid off, I have the title in my pocket, I just want you to sell it and get me a nice Subaru Outback as a trade,” I assured him.

Perhaps there has never been a more awkward conversation in the history of car dealership salesmen than this, but he was trying to get me not to trade in my car for one that he felt was inferior and that I felt was the right direction for my life, career, and persona.

After much back and forth the deal was done and I drove away with my little Subaru, happy as could be.



This took place nearly 5 years ago when I had decided to shift a few things in my business, and life, began hiking, climbing mountains, and creating a huge shift that began the real living of The Promise.

Gone was the self that needed the Escalade to sell me, with my name imprinted on the back of the car, screaming look at me, and instead went incognito in the Subaru to every event, and then straight up to the trailheads for summits & peaks to fill my hungry soul.

It was my version of intentional living, my Promise Proclamation to Change.

The fact of the matter is: Change happens.

Change is either thrust upon us or we can create it.

I have promised to always anticipate and manifest change, rather than simply react to it.  If we wait to react we are often too late, scrambling for anything we can hang onto before falling off the proverbial cliff.

Look at the change in your life, as there’s a shift in the air of business worldwide, in the way people are living life, talking, and behaving.  Even how we are treating each other, and especially A.I. with technology replacing entire industries…tariffs and shipping…buying and selling…countries trying to keep up…changes everywhere we look!

What do you need to change today, as a Promise to yourself, your family, your own job/business and sanity, in anticipation of what is coming before it gets you?

Here’s your Game Plan:

  1. Look at the trends in your business and home, on your work team, and confirm you have the right education, skillset, and mindset for what’s about to take place (and if not, what are you doing about it?)
  2. Look at your health, own up to it, and change any habits that need to shift ASAP (small changes are more powerful than one big one)
  3. Analyze what takes up your “free time”, meaning: are you listening to talk radio and scrolling social media, or are you learning, improving, filling your life with great podcasts, books, music, and conversations?
  4. Now write down your Promise Proclamations that become your CHANGE of anticipation before it’s simply a reaction to the reality that becomes you

The Promise of Change is in your response to it, or creation of it.  It’s your choice, but it’s coming.

My Escalade to Subaru experience was a physical manifestation of change I wanted in my life; a feeling, a sense I needed to shift my persona and brand – and it worked – it was a creation of change!

Example of a time when CHANGE was thrust upon me, I hadn’t anticipated it and had to react fast:

The Doctor said, “Young man, you’re wearing out your voice, you keep doing those impressions of people by ripping up your vocal cords and you won’t have anything left by the time you’re 50!

It was already almost too late.  35 years old and I was doing anything I could to salvage my career as a singing impressionist…

Change forced me to change my entire career!  You’ve only heard the voices that don’t hurt me, as I carefully integrate music and impressions that teach and inspire into my speech as a Keynote Speaker for Leaders.

Now I write about that CHANGE weekly on this blog, speak about it at every event = The Promise.


What are you willing to change today in order to create a better tomorrow?



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8 thoughts on “The Promise of Change”

  1. Wow! This message hits home. Thank you, Jason. I met you at the WI SHRM conference couple years ago and just retired. Time for some healthy changes!

    1. Thank you my friend. What wasn’t included in the story is that this was a few years ago, and when we got our RV we had to switch over to a Jeep…so that seems to be my best latest version of me. 🙂

    1. it’s important we acknowledge the thought and then really weigh how the decision affects our lives. My best to you in that!

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