The Promise in Marriage

Great Barrier Reef Dive, Queensland, Australia Jason & Tami Hewlett


I’m in love with my wife.

Shouting it from the rooftops is an ok thing to do.

But it’s even more important to tell each other in times of quiet, even small whispers, in both word and deed.

Tomorrow is our 19th Anniversary.

The wedding was one day, the marriage is the duration, and I am so thankful we worked on the marriage and not just the excitement of that wedding day so long ago.

In the past month I have learned of many friends, some married less than 10 years, others longer than 25, having dissolved their unions for various reasons and it is heartbreaking.  We hope they have found the peace they are seeking in the new lives led, and equally I think of how sad I would be if this were my situation.

There is a great promise in marriage: to see the good, to point it out, to acknowledge the differences, to appreciate the point of view, ultimate respect, a growing daily admiration, a faith in the other person, an adoration that is healthy but possibly, and rightly so, can fall into a territory of artistic creation and muse.

My Tami is the Love of my Life.

For the past week I have posted on social media about her and the many wonderfulness moments created by her, big and small.






Our Anniversary is Flag Day every year, June 14, and I fly the banner loud and proud to let the world know, and proclaim it here yet once again.

I’m in love with my wife.

I love the promise in marriage and the union, companionship, relationship, teamwork, and family thus created.

In reading of our love I hope it inspires your love, and the newest promise you can make to renew your (possibly) old promise in marriage for tomorrow to be even greater.

Happy Anniversary, My Sweet Tami, You Are The Light Of My Life.

~ jason






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