The Olympic Promise To The TEAM: Caeleb Dressel


If you won a GOLD MEDAL, who would you give it to?

If you’re Caeleb Dressel, you hop out of the pool after your team wins GOLD in the 4×100-meter RELAY, run to the bleachers, and toss that Gold Medal to someone in the stands!

Shock and shrieking ensues as everyone wonders who is he throwing his medal to?

Check out this heartwarming story of a TRUE Legendary Leader, Cealeb Dressel, giving recognition and honor to his teammate, Brooks Curry, who had filled in for Caeleb in the qualifying round, allowing Caeleb to get much needed rest, and then doesn’t even get to swim in the actual race, setting Dressel up to lead the team to gold!  What a story!



Kindness wins.  Every time.

Kindness wins in work, with your TEAM (I like to call it the Work Family), and in life with your Home Family.

When we show greater levels of kindness we make everyone feel as important as Family.

When we make Kindness a Daily Practice it soon becomes a natural habit and Promise in our Leadership.



Your Promise Prompt for The Week: 

What is Your Promise To The TEAM? 

Are you the Award Winner, who shares the glory with those who helped you get there, like Caeleb Dressel did with Brooks Curry?

Have you ever had a chance to win a significant award and dedicated or handed it to another person?

Has someone ever done this for you?  Feel free to shout out a Leader who kept The Promise To The Team and you!


~ Jason Hewlett

The Promise Institute Co-Founder

Promise Culture Keynote Speaker

* Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of “The Promise To The One”

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2 thoughts on “The Olympic Promise To The TEAM: Caeleb Dressel”

  1. Paul Robert Jones

    Jason, Mark Tewksbury, the Canadian swimmer who won gold in the 100m backstroke in Barcelona in 1992, used to pass his medal around to audiences he spoke to. I saw him do it a couple of times and it took my breath away imagining the risks, but Dressel’s maganamity in victory is just marvelous.

    1. What a great story, Paul. Thank you for sharing. I’m always floored by this kind of thing. My friend and legendary Coach Tony Ingle used to pass his basketball championship rings to students in the audience as he spoke. It was one of the great, most trusting things I’ve witnessed. Love your example of Mark Tewksbury!

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