The Officer and the Car Seat

Tell me you’ve heard this one before:
Officer pulls over driver.
Driver claims innocence and challenges of life.
Officer sees little children in the backseat without car seats.
Officer has sympathy as a father himself, takes driver and family to store to buy car seats with his own money, installs them himself, ensuring the safety of strangers and people he serves.
Yeah, not a normal story.
This is an officer keeping a promise while going above and beyond the call of duty, as they do so often, and as much as we hear of the wrong doings of those who serve this is the type of story that ought to be repeated and shared worldwide.
This Officer is a Legendary Leader, I bet his cohorts would say his Signature Moves are kindness, thoughtfulness, respect, and noticing what needs to be done.
Also, he’s a doer.
This is The Promise.
What are you doing today to be like Officer Kevin Zimmerman?
Here’s a link to this amazing story.


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