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Welcome to The New Web Site – The Promise

The Promise is the “Jason Hewlett Brand”, it is the new push we are going with, the wording we have searched for as a team, finally properly defined, after 16 years of working on it.

The Promise is all encompassing of every message you’ve heard me give:

Signature Moves: How To Stand Out in a Sit Down World


Head to Heart

Commitment to Joy

The Show: Live in Las Vegas & Father Time

Under the umbrella of one word, PROMISE, you get all that I’ve ever spoken on, performed for, given on and off stage, spilling over from business into life itself as a congruent theme that is all encompassing.

You will hear this message on the main stage at NSA (National Speakers Association) annual convention, INFLUENCE, this July when I am the Opening Keynote.  MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) will also receive this message for their international conference in Quebec, Canada in September.

In essence, from now on, this will be the theme you associate with Jason Hewlett speaking, performing, hosting, training, etc.  I am going all in.  If you see my Show, just know The Promise will be the message, with all of the music, funny, and impressions mixed in.  If you hear me speak, you will enjoy the entertainment factor mixed with a message of The Promise that can change your business and your perspective for you life.  I hope you’ll come along with me and consider adopting the language of The Promise as your own.

This web site is not yet perfect, but we are working on the wording, the flow, the potential confusion it may initially ignite, with the hope it resolves to be much larger than me, and longer lasting.  My goal is that this is what lives on beyond anything I could ever do on a stage, that it might stick with those who hear it as life-changing, and performed by artists, speakers, trainers, hosts years and decades after I’m gone.  Think Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits.

Big goal.

If you’re confused by all of this, that’s ok, please give it a moment to consider the power in the following brief explanation (“The Promise” book coming soon).

The story goes like this:

We are all Performers, we all have a Promise to keep to 3 groups, in other words, the 3 Commitments –

  1. The Audience
  2. The Family
  3. The One

Let’s begin with #1: The Audience

When I take the stage I am 100% Present and Committed to that Audience only, I go for the “Commercial” version as advertised, but am working toward overachievement with every audience who sees me.  I have found I am successful in this endeavor nearly every time, having been invited back by most clients I have performed for or been termed Opening or Closing Keynote.  I believe this is the same approach every business attempts to keep, the Mission Statement all aspire to hoping translates from an ideal to a reality.  If you’ve ever been to a concert of a Legend you are more taken by them after the show, and a bigger fan, because of the delivery of the LIVE experience; if you have ever been to a hotel, restaurant, any customer driven experience with anticipation that it will meet a certain expectation and it has been exceeded, then you know The Promise firsthand.

On the flip side, if you’ve seen the commercial and been disappointed by the reality you have also experienced the importance of The Promise, the reason we want to keep it, and why we continue to search for it.  What aspect of Commitment 1 are you keeping for The Audience?  How have you kept The Promise as the performer you are, in your position, to drive The Audience to a completely engaged experience?

#2: The Family

Your ultimate definition of The Family will most likely differ from mine, but whether we are talking personal life or business world, it is initially the same – a Family is whatever you define it as: The Crew/The Associates at your workplace; The Team you play sports with; The People you call your nearest and dearest – these are all “Family”.

What is your Commitment to them?  What are The Promises you keep in your particular role?  When have you realized you are the Leader and how did that affect your position?

On the reverse end, how horrific is it to know you’re the Weak Link?  It all comes back to The Promise we make to fulfill our unique place, utilizing our Signature Moves to make up the magnificence that is us to contribute what only we can, and the reason a Team goes from decent, to winning, to champions.  What role do you ensure you keep when engaged in The Promise of The Family?

#3: The One

Between The Audience and The Family, we have covered the brand as well as the motor.  Now we come to The One.  This is the person you stand before in this customer experience, in this moment, the profound effect you can have in one minute with one person.  Will you make their day?  Will you engage with them?  Or will you serve them as anyone else may in your position of influence, possibly letting a life-changing moment pass you and The One by?  Or do you keep The Promise, the Commitment to The One, and change a life forever?

In the same way, we have The One in our personal lives as well, someone who is our Muse, our Reason, our Inspiration. For some it’s their Mom, others it may be a Higher Power, to many I’ve met it’s a Pet!  These are real driving forces.  To me it is my Tami.  You’ve read about my love for her, I have nothing to hide, but for me, she is The One.

Who is yours, and how are you keeping your Promise to The One, both in every day business and in the grand scheme of your personal life?  I dare you to believe your treatment of both worlds don’t spill over to equally affect The One in business and personal, depending upon your level of willingness and commitment to keeping The Promise.

In essence The Promise can be summed up in a simple to remember phrase: The Engagement Experience.  I know for a business speech that may sound too fluffy, too much like a Hallmark card, which is ok with me, and the reason is my hope you’ll think of it as powerful as an Engagement Experience, in whatever way that conjures up an emotion for you. When we decide to engage in someone, we make a very big promise.  When we devote ourselves to being great, to taking The Mission of a company on as our own, to Performing for The Audience as if it’s the first time and could be the last, to involving the talents of all around us to lift The Family to another level, and to give a moment to The One that will make them a Raving Fan forever, that is The Engagement Experience.

My friend Sean Roach says, “Goals are set yet often broken, but we will always keep a promise”.  That is the best I’ve heard this said.

Now imagine this message of powerful, business transforming content, mixed with stories I have collected over the years in search of teaching these principles – now add in musical impressions that drive the message home, from Motown to Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson – then sprinkle in magical stories filled with characters you’ve never met but are all too familiar, the legends of service, leadership, commitment – plus a language your company can embrace as your new culture that drives 100% Performance, Presence, and Power – and of course, stamp it home with laughter in the way you’ve never experienced it before.  That is what happens when you receive The Promise: The Engagement Experience of the 3 Commitments.  I look forward to being the first person you have this unforgettable moment with at your next event, and anticipate those I am coaching, training, and referring as your future Speakers, Entertainers, and Emcees, will carry the tradition forth for years to come.

I hope you’ll join me and until then, find inspiration in this web site.

To Pre-Order “The Promise: The Engagement Experience of the 3 Commitments” please email for a 50% Pre-Order discount.

(Some may be concerned the Show is no longer available, that is not true, it is still here for your enjoyment, but I hope you’ll consider utilizing all of the best parts of my presentations in the format of Keynote Presenter)

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12 thoughts on “The New Web Site – The Promise”

    1. LOU!!! Coach of the Stars. Love you Brother, thank you for your kind words and the major influence you have had on this.

  1. You rock Jason! This is totally congruent to who you are as a performer, speaker, father and husband AND as a friend. I have personally experienced your “promise” to all the above, especially as your friend (my fabulous Apple watch reminds me daily of that promise). BRAVO and congratulations on the birth of this new brand and direction. It’s PERFECT!!!

  2. Jason,
    You are in a class of one. I just can’t wait to hear you at Influence. You live your values and set the stage for how life should be lived. Thank you for modeling the way. Just can’t wait to hear The Promise!

  3. Jason, You have raised my spirits, just watched you on the BYU channel. You gave me hope for the future…Let me tell you why you have made me feel energized .

    I have been through 9 1/2 years of massive stress. With the death of my daughter; as the result of a car accident, she had her daughter who had turned 17; 13 days earlier and was 8 months pregnant., our daughter leaving two other children ; we buried her 3 days before Christmas. I left my business to care for the children. three years later my father passed, then I had to care for my mother for 4 1/2 years who had Dementia, 9 days before she passed my husband Don has a stroke; then he had another stroke but would not go to the hospital. It took me months to get him there and when I finally did, he had to have 5 unites of blood, two plasmas and they said it was good that I brought him in or he would have died. He damaged his heart ;had to have a triple by-pass; then a large mass removed from his colon….So I have been caring for him. He is an Accountant, a Register Principle, Para-Legal and a Notary and could not talk; I have had to help him for the last couple of years talking to his clients, so I could not get back to my business. We were in a car accident last August , coming home from attending our great grandson\’s baptism ; our car started Hydro-planting , we were dodging car and should never have lived through it. We hit a stopped Semi truck; tearing off the whole side of the car and we lived. Heavenly Father has to have something in store for us. All my husbands clients have left him; some had been with him for over 40 years and loved the money he helped them earn. We are living off our Social Security, we are almost ready to loose our house. . Before all of this I was a very successful business gal making allot of money training hundreds of people, doing seminars but quit to care for family. Through out all of these trials; I have learned so much! Like you I had to go by the spirit….. We have to sell our 320 acres in Nevada, where Don\’s grandparents Homesteaded it. It has Oil right and water. Our dream was to build a \”Dude Ranch\” cause it is right off the freeway between Wendover and Wells Nevada, but things changed. Don was born in Nevada and I went to grade school, junior High and High School in Vegas. Wayne Newton was my neighbor , that is when he was 15 , had red hair and green eye\’s…and we use to walk our dogs together. Years later I went back stage after his performance; asked him about the change in his hair & eyes; he told me he had Indian blood in him and wanted to look like one. I have not seen him in years. Well Jason, you are amazing young man, loved your story, Love the Promise and I am adopting the language of The Promise as my own. I am Joining the commitment to joy!looking forward to getting your book when it is out….and I can not wait to meet you in person.

    1. Oh Patti, What a challenge you have been through. I so admire you and your attitude. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. Adopting the words of The Promise is essential to living at another level, it is God’s true language I believe, and I appreciate all you have said here. God bless you and thank you!

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