The Mighty Fail of 350 Subscribers


The other day I received yet another message from some guy in India telling me how I am failing at promoting my YouTube channel, and with his proven system will grow my followers exponentially if I change a few things in my efforts.

It’s nice to have a stranger reach out to let you know you’re a failure.

It reminds me of those audience members who come up after a speech who tell me how to be a better speaker….after my standing ovation…while signing autographs and facing a line of women half my age wanting to take a selfie with me.

Thanks for your concern.

Sometimes The Promise is simply to not be rude to rude people.

The main rub is that I have had a NEW YouTube channel for 6 months that has “just” 350 Subscribers.

I know that number is low. Heck, I used to turn down events unless they had at least 500 people in the audience, as it just wasn’t worth my time and I knew the planner didn’t have the budget to justify bringing me in at the per person cost!

How times have changed.

350 Subscribers to me is a great number. Yes, it’s lower than I’d like it to be for the effort spent to make such content, but from what I have been told, those are people that really, really want, and enjoy, what I’m creating.

They’ve even said it’s changed their lives, their business, their family life, and have started living their own dreams.


On this new channel, which is a “How-To” effort, costing me time, money, and mostly brain power to come up with enough content to release a new 10-min+ long video every other day for the last 6 months, I am attempting to do something I’ve never done before: Stick to one project that is proven not to work for an estimated 2 years.

That was the actual discussion I had with my partner when we began.

He literally (in the now rare and proper usage of that overused word) said to me on a call,

“You will have to make about 350 videos over 2 years releasing them every other day before anyone starts watching.” 

I thought – that’s insane!

And then I thought – imagine if I could create that much content and not give up???

What if I got better at being on video?

Why can others do this but I have never been able to?

That’s The Promise in action, and I made it, and I’m keeping it.


First screen shot from the launch date August 2023


We are now 6 months in. At this rate I will have less than 1,500 subscribers by the time I write about my 2 year YouTube journey in August 2025.

That’s a real bummer, if numbers are all that matter.

I call this a Promise Legacy Project. 

If you’ve read “The Promise To The One” you know my definition of a Promise Legacy Project.

It is: the thing you wish you’d accomplished when the plane is going down.

It is: the thing you know will live on beyond you.

It is: the creation that perhaps few people will ever see but brings you immense satisfaction the music isn’t going to die inside of you.

Maybe that’s gruesome? I think it’s beautiful and exactly what I need to do with some of my time, while meddling in the day to day of To-Do’s and Task lists that keep me surviving, while a Promise Legacy Project is the bird’s eye view of a life well lived.

Funny thing is:

I have thousands of subscribers to this blog.

I have over 50,000 followers on social media.

I speak to hundreds of thousands of people per year.

Yet I have 350 subscribers to what I consider some of my life’s best work. 

I find that fascinatingly frustratingly hilariously incredible.

It would be wonderful if you haven’t checked it out yet, and are willing to join me and the others there, and I really feel there’s value for everyone on at least a good chunk of videos so far.

The truth is I am so grateful for those 350 Subscribers! They help me keep cranking out content.

But they’re not the actual reason I’m making the videos.


I’ll keep making these videos whether anyone watches, subscribes, comments, shares, or not.

It is my Promise.

That’s enough for me to keep going.

I Promised I’d do it, and it will live beyond me. And if it is one more way my kids can someday reference a few good thoughts Dad said when I’m long gone, that can give them some hope to accomplish their dreams or live life a little better, then THAT’S why I’m doing it.

A Promise Legacy Project.

What are yours?

And how can I support you in living Your Leadership Promise?


Here are a few good videos to choose from:






Enjoy SUBSCRIBING to my NEW YouTube Channel when you’re ready to improve upon Your Leadership Promise!

~ Jason Hewlett

Husband, Father, Writer, Mentor, Hiker

  • Speaker Hall of Fame * Award-Winning Entertainer * Mentor
  • World’s Only Keynote Speaker utilizing entertainment, musical impressions, and comedy to teach The Promise
  • Author of “The Promise To The One”


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4 thoughts on “The Mighty Fail of 350 Subscribers”

  1. Hey Jason,
    Count me among the 49,600ish who were clueless about your YouTube project, despite being pretty much your exact target audience! Very glad you posted this, following now, thanks for sharing such great info.

    1. Oh wow, Tom! I’m glad you were willing to check it out. I find it interesting how much we can work on something specific for a very niche group, and yet can’t seem to find them…despite them being right in front of us. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Sure you’d rather have 3,500 or even 35,000 subscribers, but it is the quality of the subscribers that is crucial in the beginning. And I bet you’ve got that, including me! 😉

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