The Importance of Showing Up


Have you ever had one of those nights where you absolutely could not miss your alarm going off?

Whether it be a flight, a very important meeting, or something you promised your child you’d do with them, there is something so profound about how serious we take these commitments.

Yesterday, I needed to be somewhere by 6 AM, and if I wasn’t there on time it would ruin a lifetime event for 6 families.

How do you think I slept, even though I couldn’t fall asleep before 1 AM I was so worried about sleeping through the alarm?

I woke up every hour on the hour, sleeping with one eye open, even having set 2 separate alarms (phone and old-time digital alarm clock).

I finally got up at 4 AM even though alarms were set for 5:15.

How serious do you take your promises and the things you said you’d do?

An acquaintance said he wanted to meet up for lunch.  We confirmed the time and place an hour prior, just to be sure we were on the same page.  I texted him 10 minutes after he was late, and then again 20 minutes.  Finally at minute 29 he strolled up like he was right on time.  Who does that?  And why?

No reason, just couldn’t make it at that time was the response.


Handyman was hired to help with a few things around our home as so much is falling apart I don’t know how to fix.  The hour he said he’d be there came and went, and eventually 3 hours later showed up.


I had a client call this week with the whole planning team.  Called in 5 minutes early to be sure I was set with my ZOOM angle, lighting and sound.  It was their meeting, I was just listening in.

After the Host didn’t start the meeting for 5 minutes I texted them.  Nothing.  10 minutes later, still nothing.  I finally hung up the ZOOM call and called the client, who texted and said they’d be right on.  I logged back on.

25 minutes later the call started.  Quick apology.  On we go.


Yes, all of these deal with people being late.  I’ve been late before.  Once I was accidentally double-booked by an agent for events in two different countries on the same date….

Instead of canceling on either client, or going the safe and cheap route on commercial airline travel to fulfill the contract, I spent a good chunk of what I made that day to get to the second destination in time by chartering a private jet.

Was almost late for that event, in that other country, but still an hour early…

I’m just saying, I understand excuses, I get your reason, if there’s an accident I can sympathize and forgive you, but there’s a power and I believe sacredness in being on time.

It’s the importance of showing up.

Just show up!  At this point in time, that is literally a big deal.  Just show up.  It’s pathetic that this a real statement.  But people just don’t show up!  And if they do, they’re late!

Don’t be that person.

Show up on time.

Do what you said you’d do.

That’s called keeping a Promise.

That’s what Leaders do.  It’s what people who respect other people do.

Do you want to know why I couldn’t sleep yesterday night?  Was it for a flight, to take someone somewhere, or a big paid event?

Nope.  It was for my voluntary, unpaid, happy to do it Church assignment.

I am assigned to fill up the baptismal font for people to be baptized.

I consider this a sacred duty and a wonderful honor.  I arrive before 6 AM, alone, to prepare the building for a person’s special day and lifetime commitment.   What a thrill!  Here’s a little video I posted about what I found that early hour when I entered the building, really cool!

If those people are making that type of commitment, a promise so great, then I’m going to lose sleep in order to be there for my responsibility.

I know you’d do the same.

That’s the Importance of Showing Up!

jason hewlett 

Leadership Expert * Virtual Keynote Speaker * Speaker Hall of Fame

The Promise

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Showing Up”

  1. Good Morning Jason,
    I look forward to your email each Sunday Morning. I read it first thing in the morning. I am amazed at how often your thoughts correspond with our Sunday lesson. I often read your email at some point during our lesson. Today we are talking about Alma & Amukek teaching the people of Ammonihah. How important it was for them to show up.
    I once had a boss who always said, “if you can’t be on time, that’s okay, just be early.”
    I also had a very successful cousin who worked very hard to start a brick and mortar business. She told me that she contributes her success to just showing up over and over again. Especially when it was hard and seemed impossible. She said that she observed In business that it is not the talented and gifted people that reach the top of the ladder. Rather it is those that show up and can be relied on.
    Congratulations on your 19th wedding anniversary. I loved your tender words. My husband and I have been married 43 years. I relate to all you said. I love and appreciate my marriage and eternal companion and family more than anything else. I hope I am relentless at letting them know through my actions and words how important they are to me.
    Thank you for keeping the promise to all of us who count on you. You’re a great guy. So happy to be part of your journey.

    1. Oh my goodness Sherrie, this warms my heart. Thank you for your thoughtful words. Well done on 43 years and your actions as a life partner, and as a mother teaching the good word to your children. Perhaps the words of this blog are subconsciously influenced by Come Follow Me lessons, I never put that together, but that is a very cool observation and I’m grateful we have them to lead our way. God bless you and your efforts, this comment makes my day.

  2. I operate the same way as you. Would much rather be early and prepared! I don’t understand people who show up late or not at all, or unprepared. To me, it is a reflection of their (lack of) respect for others. Thank you for being there!

  3. Suzanne Oliver

    What a great message Jason! I strive to keep my commitments and appreciate these reminders on why it is important. We can all relate to the examples you shared of some who take commitments very lightly. For me it comes down to respect and value of the other person and their time. When commitments are kept – respect and trust are strengthened and when they are not, the opposite happens. I appreciate your insights and friendship. You are such a good man. Hope you had a very happy Father’s Day with your family!

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