The Epic Adventure Promise



“Dad, I don’t know how to do this!  I don’t want to die!” yelled my son as he dropped over the cliff.

Yes, this was my son’s first time on a rappelling rope, about to go on an 80-foot cliffhanger.

As I coached him down I prayed he’d hang on with that brake hand – and especially hoped he couldn’t tell I was as terrified as he was.


This Summer the amazing Dads in our neighborhood, with our Church community, put together an Adventure Week to remember, and it was deserving of the word I rarely use: EPIC!

Most of the Dads spent one of the their 2 week’s vacation from work on this one week, and every boy had an experience that will never be forgotten.

This is The Promise to The Family.  

The challenge of setting up, and pulling off, a week that entails bringing 20 boys, ages 11 & 12 together to go:

  • Boating on a Mountain Reservoir in East Canyon
  • Riding Bikes 30 miles from Park City to Echo Reservoir
  • River Rafting down the Weber River
  • Hiking through a Slot Canyon in San Rafael Swell
  • Rappelling into an Abyss
  • Camping, Eating, and Evening Devotionals

…may be considered a huge undertaking.  And trust me, it was!

But all problems aside, the challenge was accepted, the boys did amazing, the dads survived, and the families can’t stop talking about it.

We emphasized the importance of having the right tools, of trusting one another, being prepared, our capacity for doing hard things, the importance of prayer when afraid, having faith that we will be protected, and especially to wear the symbolic Armor of God in all that we do in order to live our best lives.

It cost very little compared to racing to Disneyland or going somewhere with built-in fun, as few things can offer the adventure and joy that only nature can provide when we see the beauty the world gives us.

With Leaders who engaged us in their talents and strengths, utilizing Signature Moves that make them incredible, Dads who can plan, motivate, teach, protect, instill confidence, uplift, and even cook – we became a Band of Brothers, and a Team…and of course, a Family of Friends.

This became the Ultimate Promise of Family.

Enjoy the video to see what we did, and think of how you are creating, at least on occasion, an Adventure that is Epic for your Family, whether traveling around the world or staying in your backyard (like we did) to make something everlasting for your life’s journey.

What’s your Epic Adventure Promise?







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2 thoughts on “The Epic Adventure Promise”

  1. So glad to read about your Epic adventure with your boys… And to know that you love being a participant and not just a spectator in their lives. Our 6 kids love the adventure that both scouts and church youth programs have provided over the years. Thanks for sharing. See you again when we’re teamed up again in the production world.

    1. Thank you Kevin for reading and the great comment. Grateful for the programs of churches and available in communities, run by incredible leaders, parents, and especially men who know how to do stuff I can’t, but allow me to come along. Hope to work with you again soon and continued blessings!

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